Everyone of us are wanting a COVID-19 Vaccine. But we want One that works and one that is S A F E! And with a speedy rush to make a Product, is money and profits the Ultimate Goal? Sure it is. But there are those that want to be able to simply say-We successfully made a safe and effective Vaccine. Isn’t that the truest and best way to do this? Rushing it thru FDA Approval or others should not be the Goal. Putting Pressure on our BEST Safety Feature which is Emergency FDA Approval is haphazard and dangerous for all of us. I don’t want an untrustworthy Vaccine in my Arm, my kids, my grandkids, or you or any of us.

I do not one day want to be part of a massive Class Action Lawsuit because a COVID-19 Vaccine caused horrible irreversible Issues. Horrible Health Issues.

All of us want the very B E S T. And all of us want an E N D to this PANDEMIC. And in no time, we will be faced with Winter. Maybe the Worst Winter the World has ever seen.

Yes, Winter and with it, BOREAS. The North wind-

And I applaud the work and the money put forth in Vaccine Research by India, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan. China, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, and many others. But rushing a Vaccine isn’t the Bread Winner. All three Phases of Testing of all Vaccine Candidates must take place. It has to engage Healthy Volunteers paid during the 1st 3 Stages of Phase Testing and these must be carried out.

Science cannot be RUSHED. And if It is, we are going to become its Victims. And that cannot happen. We shant let that come about or will we?

There are times of agreement and times of disagreements among the Nations around the Globe. And right now. There are 250 Candidate Vaccines in the present pipeline. And how many of these will turn out to be disastrous for one of three reasons-

  1. Poor Design.
  2. Poor Lab Work.
  3. Lack of Money for any Testing?

And I’m thinking by this time next year, there may be as many as 500 Candidate Vaccines. You THINK? You bet and that’s a conservative guess. But one of the three of the above may kill quite possibly the CURE. Or a “One and Done Vaccine”. And like I already shared with you, too many Vaccinations may make the Vaccine useless. Works the 1st or 2nd time you get a Vaccine, but quits by the 3rd dose.

It still is very questionable as to how a single Virus is wrecking such Havoc all over the World. And the 21% of less manufacturing that we’ve seen right now could turn into 35-48% by the end of this upcoming Winter. And the losses will be stark and if you’re not preparing for skimpy days ahead, you’re not looking at the real picture. Its a tough picture, but it is doable for all countries.

Here in America, 99% of all Americans know we will get thru all of this. We must be strong and I’m telling all of us that. And people will turn away from Bad News and seek positive things. And that’s what I’m trying to express. By keeping the Vaccine Transformation within good, sound, and solid boundaries, we will experience a Vaccine that we will feel confident about. And that’s so very important. We must do the right thing.

So, if you are involved in any Aspect of Creating one of these COVID-19 Vaccines, please make sure that each Accepted FDA Approved Vaccine is what you said it is. That it will work as you say it will. And that you have Not falsified any Results. Not how wonderful it worked on Mice or Monkeys or other Test Subjects. But how it Works on All who take your Vaccine.

So, keep working and I wish all of you good luck.