Scientists Finally Admit an Alien Visit?

Talk about way too long to admit one Theory of Extreme High Probabilty that it wasn’t an Alien Spaceship finally comes under severe Scrutiny. Why? High Probability says otherwise. Why? Simple. When man cannot explain something, he denies its existence as always the best way to go. Best way to go? If this Alien Spaceship had been accepted as being of Alien Origin, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. And if all the minds working on a cohorted explanation had begun from the very first sighting, the final explanation would have been-WOW! We just got visited. But one of the 1st things everyone looks at is does this Spaceship fit our basic understanding of Physics? And if not, then it must not be Alien. It simply looked U G L Y. NOT pretty, shiny, and sleek looking. And more, they didn’t even offer none of us a simple-H E L L O. And now, our very rationale of not accepting odd things must be tossed. And had they landed and looked U G L Y, no one would have accepted them and everyone would have said it had to be kids playing in Halloween Coustumes.

But then what happens if they land and want to Vaporize all of us because they find all if us too stupid and U G L Y! Lol