Choosing Sides…

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As your Life flies by, you’ll from time to time have the Opportunity to review the things you did do. Good or Bad? Right or Wrong? And trust this. In your Old Age, you’ll sit around shaking your head at how what you did affected someone else. And any of us can have devastating effects on others. And loving goodness too.

And a bunch of what we do comes from Choosing Sides…and the Game started in Grade School. Yes, even in Pre-K and Kindergarten. And just one Game zeroed in, homed-in your Choice Making Decision Maker. Remember the Game-Red River, Red Rover. And the two teams lined-up and when they called your Name, you ran as fast as you could to Bust thru two Arms licked together at the hands. And right there, you learned one thing-You didn’t want to be on the Losing Team. No one wanted to L O S E.

But we did that too. But dang, it’s interesting How Children Games helped set the Stages for everything in Life. And when you were the Last to be picked for a Team, how’d that make you feel? It stunk. But it made you comfortable for how you placed in Life. And strangely. It did work and eeriely mimicked real Life Outcomes. And the Teachers knew. Yes. They could see it. And as I Substitute Taught for two years in 1st-22th Grade, you could pick people out as to how they would perform in Life. No, not totally, but pretty close to it.

And now, with a Pandemic crawling up our backs and Winter just Ahead, Choosing Sides of Right and Wrong, Good or Bad will be powerful Decisions ahead all of us. And I hope you will join me in keeping the Peace, in helping Others, in saying and doing good. Being Good. I know, I know, I know. No one wants the Father to Child Talk. But we must become more in tune to all around us in the next 18-36 months. A lot of People have been set back on their Plans of Life-Marriage, Children, Car, Truck, and Housing. Some Sold while others Bought. And when it comes to Choosing Your Sides, I hope all of us will Choose P E A C E and L O V E!