WordPress’s Block Editor IS A JOKE!

Being FORCED to change to WordPress’s New Block Editor while writing Blog Posts on WordPress, well, I hate having stuff forced on me. This new Block Editor is “Time Consuming” and you’ll waste valuable writing time while the Iron is Hot attempting to use it and it is not USER FRIENDLY! Even Tutorials are hard to understand by individuals who are obviously Not Bloggers. It has so many bugs in it too.

About a year ago, I was forced to USE this New Block Editor until I found a way to return to the Older Classic Editor. This new Block Editor being FORCED upon all of us is like a pack of dogs barking up a tree and unfortunately, it’s the USERS up in the trees and it’s the Programmers who put all of us there and the ones Barking at us.

You’re going to use it! You’re going to Like it! We had no choice but to go to the Block Editor!

It’s another way to WASTE MONEY. Wasting valuable time. There wasn’t anything wrong with the Old Classic Editor. It was very quick and similar in many ways to other Writing programs I use. But I’m telling you, if you are thinking about doing a Blog, I’d check out other Blog Posting Platforms instead of WORDPRESS!

I can’t recommend WORDPRESS to anyone. Sorry, can’t do it…but I’m thinking they made it easier for little kids to use that like to poke around looking at stuff.