Smoke and Fire

Copious clouds of smoke spill off the California coast and travel almost 600 miles in NASA’s Terra satellite image from Aug. 19, 2020.  In the year 2020, California has already seen 5,762 incidents affecting 204,481 acres (319 sq. miles). That is more than quadruple the number of acres burned in 2019 per CAL Fire. More than 22,000 residents have now been asked to evacuate ahead of the spreading fires near San Mateo and Santa Cruz.  Near Vacaville, 10,000 residents have been asked to evacuate. Fifty structures have been destroyed and 50 more are in danger just in that area. So many fires have started around Sonoma, Lake, Napa and Solano counties that they have been dubbed the LNU Lightning Complex because they all began from lightning strikes from summer storms. California continues to experience a sweltering late summer heat wave that has broken several record highs in recent days. The hot, dry conditions are expected to continue at least into the weekend providing perfect conditions for more wildfire outbreaks. California Gov. Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency due to the fires on Tuesday.

A’ll of the Above is a Re-Share from the NASA Site.

Last year when I was researching California Fires, I found other horrible Articles about Fires in California in the 1940s. Very sad, very sad. And the electrical grid problems is not helping. I remember years ago when here in Texas, they had to do Rolling Backouts and when it came your time, it was Lights Out.

And another thing I find very bothersome is how the wind speeds in these Land Storms over the last 5 years. Here in TEXAS, they are increasing 20-30 mph more each year. And why is that? Is it associated to Climate Change or possibly the Denying Ripple in Earth’s Magnetic Protective Shield? It’s in an earlier Post here on my Blog.

But 130-MPH wind in IOWA and States in that AREA?