Will a Covid-19 Vaccine really work?

And the answer all of us want to know is best answered by this-

“Only the future can tell us,” says Reinhold Förster, an immunologist at the Hanover Medical School in Germany.


And a very interesting Article is asking this very question and after I READ it, I found no warm feeling away from it.  No, I hadn’t found what I was hoping to see.  But Truth?  Yes, I want, you want, all of us want T R U T H.  And again-

“Only the future can tell us,” says Reinhold Förster, an immunologist at the Hanover Medical School in Germany.

The very 1st line caught my attention and here’s an exert-

In the late 1980s, 15 healthy people moved into new apartments in Salisbury, UK. On their third day, each was asked to snort a nostrilful of solution containing a coronavirus — one of several viruses that causes the common cold. Then the volunteers spent three weeks quarantined at the Common Cold Unit, part of the Medical Research Council, where researchers monitored a range of symptoms. Some study participants likened stays at the Common Cold Unit to a vacation — if so, it was a holiday complete with blood draws and nasal washes.

And then did it work?  Well, you’ll need to READ it.  But gosh, have all the Scientist and Big Pharmas been working up the Public into a frenzy akin to the old Gold Rush days of California.  GOLD! And they all came running hoping to get Rich..  But most went B U S T!  And unfortunately, our hopes of a Vaccine that will P R O T E C T us may be ten years off.  These Vaccines have to have 30 days of Loading-Up time where our own body produces a Robust amount of Antibodies.  But folks, in another 90 days, your body sits around and the building of the Antibodies pretty well is gone.  Sure, you have some left, but will these help you? Most likely not gonna happen.

And more importantly, are they producing the wrong Vaccine altogether?  Should they be working on a Vaccine concerning the T-Cells?  And have they picked the wrong line of DNA to slip in a fix?  Maybe, it is altogether the wrong direction or maybe some day some kid working at home finds a Cure. C U R E would be nice.  But will it ever come?  And I’m finding this Article troubling and really mind shaking knowing that folks were playing around with Coronavirus Testing in the 1980s.  What other mysterious things have been tested?  The three eyed toad?  The three eared Jack Rabbit? 

Yes, governments all over the World are testing things that they say they are doing for the good of mankind or is it for vanity?