In the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grades, all of us kids all over the United States were being bombarded with USSR Nuclear Attacks and BABY, it was going to rain Hellfire!  Nuclear Missiles were going to be raining down upon us like raindrops in a rain storm.  But did it happen?

Nope, but boy howdy, you quickly learned where you could get a used Stick of Chewing Gum.  Where?  Under your school chair, your school desk, in school and I still remember our Teacher cutting Chewing Gum out of someone’s hair because they had stuck their head up against the bottom of their assigned desk.  Yep, you figured it out?

Nuclear Attack Drills!  And they showed the Nuclear BLAST Movies to us too, scaring the pee out of us or some.

It’s the early 1960s. And then, A Town Siren would begin sounding like you see in a WWII Movie and the School Bells would start Ringing.  For Real!  In real Life! And that Town Siren would go off when a tornado was spotted too.

And no matter where you were at school, when they sounded, we ran to our classrooms and hid under our Desks like scared little mice. And for those that forgot about where they had stuck their gum under their Desk, well, their hair would soon remind them of where it was moved to.  From the bottom side of that school desk and into their hair.  Yep, they’d chew their Chewing Gum until the Teacher told you to get that Gum out of their mouths.  Most of us would just swallow it until they told us if we swallowed our chewing gum, it would get stuck in our Tummies.  Lord, adults L I E to kids.  And you wonder why they lie to you?  Lol.

But looking up Ancestry History, you always run across the strangest things and this one popped-up.  And dang, I was only looking for Ancestry Information on a man’s Death. 

But it reminded me of a distant time, a different Drum Beat. And this one was how we were scared into believing a Nuclear Attack was imminent.  Yes, we were going to experience a volley of Missiles in a Nuclear Attack and it was everyone WAS! believing this poop.  At any second!

And now, you might understand some of the things you think are kooky about your grandparents or parents.  But we were the products of Our Times.  Lol.


NEBRASKITS! Yum, yum, yum…




Drink yourself a McRIB?