Some Covid-19 Vaccine Issues

Amongst all the spic and span that all of us want, what should we now be concerned with when it comes to a Vaccine?

1.  Trust.

2.  Honesty.

3.  Truthful DATA representations.

But what are the really messy things going on?

1.  Should Real Person Challenges be done?  This is Testing the Vaccinated Person against the Actual Virus.  Proving it works!

2.  Lack of Hispanics and Blacks in the Test Groups.  This could be a challenge and might prove an Issue?

3.  At-Risk Individuals not Tested in the Control Groups.  How will these Vaccines affect a non-healthy person?  Will At-Risk be held back from receiving a Vaccine due to Issues.  

4.  Availability.  This is going to be one of the biggest Issues.  Being able to get a Vaccine.

5.  How Often must I get another Vaccine?

6.  Will I be able to get the same Vaccine each time?

7.  Where will Vaccines be available after the 1st Distribution?

8.  What happens if I have a Severe Adverse Effect from the Vaccine Injection?  This is a good question and no one will admit Liability.  But what will happen because there will be Events.