A Nasty Secret Revealed?

I love learning new stuff.  New Information.  But some things should not be SECRET.  But Folks, I worked for 15 years at a Coal Fired Power Plant and if you only knew how much crap of pollution we were sending up that tall 230′ Stack would make a blind man Cry.  Baby, we were sending millions of tons of dirt bag nasty stuff.  I mean at times, we were burning 18-26,000 tons of coal in the Boiler per day.  Now, try and calculate what we were all breathing.  And heck yeah, it rained Acid Rain all the time killing the paint jobs on new cars and trucks all over the place.  But here’s a good read-


They keep fighting over that Old Moth-Balled piece of Junk all the time.  And want to Re-Open it.  Really?  smh

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