FACEBOOK & Ending your Profile…

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Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

Is it time to free yourself?  To regain your Life?  Government and Facebook says don’t go away.  Convincing an Addict to walk away is impossible until they can see the damages it has caused for them.  They must choose to End their own Addiction.  Sure, nothing new.  But.  More people than ever before are CUTTING their FACEBOOK Profiles.  And you got a clue to what has really been going on?  Time to Delete and Go Incognito on the Web.  Yes. Trust me.  Everyone needs to begin using Snail Mail Again!  Too much of Our Privacy is being Pirated and all of us are being watched without Our Permission.  Your microphone on your phone is ON and you didn’t give it permission to be one.  Yes, watching and listening to all of us.

Millions are wising-up.  Completely dropping off the Radar.  And for good reasons.  Bad days may be ahead?  This Pandemic will be causing more Watching of you?  If you’re feeling paranoid, your are correct because all of us are being watched.  And you’ll deny it.  Please, don’t do that because that is what they want you to do.  Wake-Up!  Facebook won’t ever tell you.  And maybe, just maybe,  you need to become wise and do the same.  It’s time to take a good look at what you’re giving away. So many are so naive with their harmless thoughts of a Government watching their Postings.  Never gonna believe anyone would be watching any one.  But imagine it for real.  Imagine a man in a Dark Suit looking over your shoulder as you POST.  


And I know how truly Addictive Facebook is and that stupid “Like” Button was hugely successful on creating your addiction.


Yes, millions are completely ending all of their existence in the very F A K E digital World of imagery existence.  It’s Imagination Station where trickery reigns Supreme.  And Facebook loves you for all the juicy stuff on all that you shared with the Government. With tons of people you don’t even know. This might be the most important thing you ever do and Drop Facebook.  Just walk away.  You can do it.


And you keep saying that this can’t be true. I don’t need to do that.  WTH?  And yes. It is true and what the Heck are you waiting on?  Permission to Leave?  Permission to wake-up?  Mommy, may I?  Yes, you may and you can.  I promise you, in a year, you’ll be twice as Happy after you do.  But right now, it consumes you.  Living for you.  You have given IT permission to be Your Life.  And you’ll shake your head when your Profile is being looked at by Felons in a Prison.  They’ll love to put you away too. And Yes, you could accidentally fall into a felony and the Judge might believe YOU.  But Facebook won’t be There to defend you.

Didn’t you know?  Yes, didn’t you know?  Everything you POSTED is a Blessing to your Government Profile.  Instead of WATCHING you, you have secretly become the Government Agent, and they are using you to help them keep WATCHING all of your friends…yes, for the Government.  And the better looking you are, the more information you will drag in. And you are doing a great job, you amazing Government Agent.


And you only thought…yes, what did you think?  Never in your wildest thoughts did you ever consider that what you did on Facebook was making you an Agent for the Government. and they are loving you for helping them do their J O B.  Some are convinced that Facebook is all they care about. All that they want in Life.  Is that really you?


But hey everything was F R E E.  Well now, aren’t you the special one.  Being so naive.  Trusting such Fakery.  Being so outright STUPID.  And all those others liking you and what you POSTED?  But did you make the Black Ops Blackboard?  It’s the one they check in their N O T E S before they Login.  The real Government Trolls.  The ones that will knock on your door.

Yes, they Log In and they cruise over every single USER looking for information about you and everyone you know.  And when the Digger Word Trigger Machine finds something, a real person is notified and they open your site and L O O K at you and every single thing you ever Shared or P O S T E D.  And your Friends too.  And you thought that stuff was gone after you D E L E T E D something.  No, it’s all S A V E D!  It never leaves.

You B L O C K E D a User and guess what?  On the Dark Web, that Blocked person can still come and still see everything you do.  But how many times has your Pages, your stuff been looked at by Murderers?  Rapist looking for their next Victim?  How many times did you open up for Child Molesters?  Share photos for them to see too.  Or to Drug Dealers?  Cartel Members?  

And no matter how much you think you know that you know you need to D R O P Facebook, you are so A D D I C T E D by it, that you can’t leave it.  You keep thinking You should Drop Facebook, But You say yore scared?  You can’t live without it.  But rest assured, there is L I F E after Facebook.  A beautiful one.  A very beautiful life. 

And don’t worry, for three years after leaving Facebook, Facebook will try to lure you back in every possible way even using Y O U R own photos to remind you how much everyone misses you.  But the truth is, for every one who leaves, two join.  But no one misses you. FACEBOOK wants you back because they like keeping you stuck in a rut.  FACEBOOK loves living Your Life for you.

If you C A R E about someone, they are on your Cell Phone.  If you C A R E about yourself, your family, or your friends, you will D R O P off the Radar And permanently D E L E T E YOUR Facebook Account. 

But right mow, every Law Enforcement Agency can ask to see everything that you have ever Put Up for others to see or Read or Deleted.  And Facebook will show it to them. Completely give it up.  Hey, you’re no friend of theirs.  And if one of your friends, you know the person you shouldn’t have friended, gets in trouble with the Law or Runs Game on Facebook, you and all your stuff will be looked at.  And all of it and yourself might one day might find yourself sitting in a Courtroom.  Or even going to Prison.  And you thought they were only kidding when they said they were going to kill someone and you said-Go ahead and do it. Yes, it’s all on Record.  All of it and they will Z O O M on you when you don’t even know they have been watching you.  WTH?  What do you think all of these U P D A T E S are doing?  Some will give them the power to watch you.  And you didn’t even know.  Or listen to you?  Why does your phone’s Battery go down so quickly now?  It’s because they are Watching and Listening to you.

You’re no one Special no matter how much you want to think you are on Facebook.  You think you have a Loser Life, but on Facebook, you pretend to be so many things that you aren’t.  Kings, Queens, Prince, and Princes will Friend You and others will laugh at you for believing that B U L L S H I T.  No King came to you.  No Prince.  No Queen. 

It’s all a Game of Make Believe.  And you slowly, at first, and now, you believe stuff on Facebook. You gobbled all of it up and you are an Addict.  FACEBOOK is living your Life.

There are so many ways to fool a person.  And Facebook has destroyed more People than any other Social Media Platform and it has been allowed, yes,  all of it, to go on while crushing people. People have committed S U I C I D E, more hateful relationships, more marriages destroyed, because of Facebook and many Users had no idea how they were being manipulated. 

Yes. You ARE being manipulated.   It it’s not all your Fault.  FACEBOOK has many ways of luring stuff out of you.  Stuff you had no business every revealing about yourself or your friends.  But you do and Facebook loves you for it and so does the Government.  And the messier you are, the farther you go spreading finally many untruths in the end.  And. In the end, you are going to be thought of as the Village Idiot. Hated! 

And people are going to be laughing at you at School and at Work.   Might cost you your J O B. And you should have known, but you are one of millions Hooked on Facebook.  And they share the Hell out of your Information.  Yes, they say one thing and do the Opposite because they know they have you right where they want you.  Didn’t you ever wonder why anyone would put such a Platform Up and all of it was totally Legit?  Forget Legit, the game is rigged so the House always wins.  And you say this is the O N L Y way that you can stay connected. 

Hey, that’s a good L I E you keep telling yourself.  You hear and read all the Horror Stories, but you convince yourself-I’m Special, that won’t happen to me.  I’m smarter than they were.  I’m sorry to say any of this, but you are being used.  And all of your friends are waiting for their chance to One-Up you and betray you and your Trust.  You B L O C K them, but they have a friend of a friend who will still keep sharing all that you Share Online with the Rest of the World. 

And just wait until you learn your Picture, your kids picture, your family’s pictures or a picture of anyone you Posted is POSTED on a Wall in a 3rd World Country with a name on it. Might even say or be Labeled-