Mom. Moms. Mothers. And Grandmas. Don’t ever underestimate these G I A N T S!


Caption from caption list: Local suffragettes are taking up in earnest the fight to obtain equal smoking rights for men and women in public places. Even the famous Capitol dining room has not escaped the fumes of the ladies cigarettes. Photo shows Miss Sarah Anderson, a Washington Suffragist who advocated the equal smoking preveledge [i.e., privilege], enjoying a “Puff” at the Chevy Chase Club Washingtons most exclusive Country Club.-  Date from negatives in same range.-  Date from caption list. March 11 1920.-  Gift; Herbert A. French; 1947.


It’s always interesting visiting various Sources for information about various Subjects.  So many similarities in actions, statements, and others come to Life for anyone just vanishing from Today and it’s stuff and spend more time at the Library of Congress.  It’s F R E E!  Our Taxes have paid for this for many Generations.  But it is where History up can be F O U N D.  And not manipulated.

Got a problem?  Got an Issue?  Well if the women are Onboard with you, then you might have a point.  Yes, women are one of the most powerful and, often times overlooked, natural resources here in America. Their intelligence, their fortitude is unmatched in their resolve.

You may have already heard-Never Underestimate a Woman.

Well, partner, it’s T R U E!

During WWI, WWII, and now in this Pandemic, they have answered the Call to Duty.  And a whole bunch of that comes from the Heart.  Calls of Intense Bravery standing-up to COVID-19 by being Nurses, Doctors, EMTs, and other High-Risk Occupations where they did not turn away.  Instead, many were Leaving home hundreds of miles away and went right into the bowels of Hades in New York City to help save Lives of individuals they didn’t know.

No, they stayed the Course and met it Head-On. Brave Deeds indeed.  Brave, very brave deeds indeed.  And I’m talking such an incredible high degree of Courage.  Folks, I saw men who lacked Courage Overseas in the Military.  But what all these women are doing all over America cannot be overlooked.  It is one of the Proudest Moments in American History and all of us must not let this go unchecked.  No, we owe, we owe, and we will always O W E women so much that we take for granted.

Well, I don’t, I won’t, I can’t.  My wife faced 38 years in Texas Classrooms in High School and before she left, Cell Phones had truly changed the landscape of education and brought Cheating to a new level.  My daughters’s courage encourages me to believe that America will come through all the bad.  A woman is purebred strength that man cannot, should not ever desecrate.  Her strengths are undeniable.

We may feel every discernable emotion possible, but it will be Mom, Moms, Mothers, And Grandmas that keep everyone out of the fire.  They cannot, maybe by maternal instinct, allow any of us to remain in a state of Defeat.  No. We will be patched back together and thrown back into the fight.  And that’s where America is Today.

America is in a fight for her S O U L.  And friends, Compadres, no Amigos, make no mistake, we are in a F I G H T F O R O U R C O U N T R Y!  Everyone of us know that this Coronavirus is a Game Changer and it has brought a horrific carnage in its wake.  But, like all things, it is B E A T A B L E!  And the Women of America will tell us exactly what to worry about, what to forget, and how to get right again.  Women will bring out the best in all of us.  So, take a moment to tell a Woman that they are appreciated.  And of his LUV you can say, then sure, tell them how much you L O V E them and don’t just say it. Show it, say it, express it.  Love them as much as they love all of us.  Thanks for reading and have a great day.