Earth just Phoned E.T.

In 29 years, Extraterrestrials will emerge in the Skies above.  And you’ll be able to put this on Voyager I Or Voyager II.  Forget the Pioneer Probes.  They ran out of juice.  But look closely at the following pictire-datafromnasa

Once these two Probes that were sent out Hits a certain point the “BOW SHOCK”, one of two things will happen-

1.  Suddenly, both Probes will be Beeping Away and this Beeping will bring an instant arousal by Extraterrestrials on the other side that hadn’t noticed us before.  But they will NOTICE earth for sure when this happens.

2.  Entering BOW SHOCK will cause a hyperbolic event and transport these Probes 1-100 Light Years away and into the Extraterrestrials Backyard.  And they’ll come back looking for whoever it was that sent them.