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So, when they have the 1st 50-100 million Doses of a COVID-19 Vaccine ready to be given out, which above PHOTO represents your worse Fears?

*No, they ARE NOT READY yet.  None have passed Phase 3 TESTING*

Folks, it’s going to be a minute to whip out 500-600 million Doses needed for America alone.  1st Dose and 2nd Booster Shot and future Shots.  If 64% of Americans get them, that is over 400 million Doses needed.  Your 1st Shot and your Booster Shot.

But the requirements for a 2nd Booster Shot is being Studied as well in the Phase Testings.  Hopefully it will be one and done, but will this become a Yearly thing?

But before you get told where and when you can get Your COVID-19  Vaccine Shot?

1.  Which State or States get them FIRST?  Boy, talk about Opening a Can of Worms.

2.  Who in each State gets them FIRST?  Another Can of Worms for sure.  

3.  Worse Nightmare of ALL?  Who will be making all of the Decisions?

And what’s going to HAPPEN if the Vaccine requires a BOOSTER Shot to be given 28 days later?  And they DON’T have it?

Folks, this is going to be a Logistics Nightmare, not including the ones giving or getting a Shot turning into a TOTAL ASSHOLE.  And some will. Yes, they will.

And it takes about 30 days for your body to hopefully react like the Vaccine intended with a robust amount of Antibodies after you get a Shot.  But from what I am reading, a 2nd Booster Shot is given to some to get the intended antibodies level.

But how quickly are these Antibodies Level reduced?  And my worse worries is this-

What if these Vaccines create a Monstrosity of an Event of something worse?  Cancers or even early Life Fatalities?  Baldness?

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