MeEt SeNatOr-KaMala HaRRis

Meet Senator Kamala Harris-a woman who will help bring about a ChaNge here in America like never seen BeFoRe.  Welcome to Joe Biden’s TEAM AMERICA!

Sure, now is a Time when every kind of Blessings will flow her way and every kind of Negative stuff too. 

Early life and education. Kamala Devi Harris was born on October 20, 1964, in Oakland, California. Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, was a breast-cancer scientist who had emigrated from Tamil Nadu, India in 1960 to pursue a doctorate in endocrinology at UC Berkeley.
Born: October 20, 1964, Oakland, California
Parents: Shyamala Gopalan, Donald Harris
Sibling: Maya Harris
One of the biggest ATTACKS against Miss Harris is having a Slave Owner Ancestor in Jamaica that has NEVER BEEN PROVEN.
Well, guess what?  I’m a descendant of an Indentured Servant who came here to this Country in 1621.  And he worked Planting and Harvesting Crops on the Truelove Plantation.  His “working as a Slave” was for 7 years.  He was given His Freedom after 5 Years and later served as a Burgess. And I’ve got American Indian and Black Blood in me, too.  Am I worried?  No, of course not.
But when pulling the Ancestor Card. Most Americans are Descendants of Indentured Servants, Slaves, Slave Owners, American Indians, many others and yes, many, many others. From all over the World. 
I have Readers from over 147 different Countries coming here to this Blog and they come to see stuff that is fulfilling to them. 
All of us are Still Americans here and no one needs or should get Worked-Up over such insignificant DNA Crap as that. 
We are who we are…but we are all Americans. Trolls and Losers will attempt to Tap into any negative suggestion that they can.  And this was UNPROVEN on  so, please don’t engage in passing along the Slave Owner Descendant Crap.  

But for me, I’m happy that Vice President Joe Biden asked this wonderful Lady to join his Team America! 

On November 3, 2020, America will remove the most Unpopular American President ever with his unpredictability, narcissist, and untruthfulness and can take his QUI PRO QUO booty on down the Road.

But we Must V O T E!

God Bless both of you and your Families…