A Big Roblem!

Roblem yo kids of what?  I’m confused when I see Rich People telling us what Our Roblem is.  And how poorly they have been treated.  Gonna tell all of us what Our Roblems are.  Yes, what a crock. 

On TV, on the Radio, in THEIR Book that they plagiarized or had someone write it for them.  They telling all of us what Our Roblem is.  And nothing is so thumb-up in our nose as when they tell us how they have suffered in horrible ways.  But, they’re all made-up.  I remember watching a TV Broadcast Reporter telling their so-called  bad mistreatment including tears, and when this young person was finished being interviewed by the Reporter, a Viral Post went live on YouTube and she and her fellow Rich Kid Friends were laughing about the Lies she had just said on TV. 

“Girl, I really loved it when you cried.”

She hasn’t suffered ever in her entire Life.  She has a $2000 a week Allowance and a pocket full of Credit Cards too.  Yet, she told the World how many times she had been treated badly by Roblems?

But no one cares.  Everyone young are used to doing or seeing such things and Facebook changed everything for them.  On FACEBOOK, they can become whoever or whatever they wanted to be.  And her driving a $48,000 Truck.

  For her, she was born into a World few ever know.  Rich and no looking back.  And it’s truly sad when the 1st person that ever tells such a person NO is a Police Officer.  And no matter what the Crime, the family’s money will make the Police Officer regret ever becoming a Police Officer.  And talk about a Well-Net communication network with Cell Phones blowing-up Every Time she Posts anything.

Viral Leaders or Viral Trolls can put in a Message on the Network and ARISE!  ARISE!  ARISE!  COME OUT AND LOOT the RICH MAN’S DISTRICT!  And the Trolls Twisted out a L I E and the RICH Man’s Shopping Area in Chicago was Looted.  Folks, this is the Future.

And suddenly, there are so many Americans excusing such Bad Behaviors as-

“Well, the White Man Owed Us.”

“The Rich Owed Us.”

“They owed me.”

And the talk of this B U L L S H I T, the reality of this B U L L S H I T can be traced back to How well Mediated these people ARE.  Some are hooked on a S M I L E on FACEBOOK.  WOW, they must be Popular.  Look how many friends they have?  How well connected?  Anyone can steal a Pretty or Handsome picture and eerily post similar statements that a popular person is Posting and BAM, they got their own Group of Followers.

But a sinister group of folks are Trolling for Gullible people.  And it can be Traced Back to the Social Platforms such as FACEBOOK, TIK-TOK, INSTAGRAM.  Places where bad behavior is promoted by the USERS.  And how bad is it going to be?  It’s G O N E Hog Wild. 

Out of C O N T R O L!

Folks, after seeing How Quickly the Chicago Looters were Organized on a L I E,  I have to now say this-We can expect the P U R G E!  Get wezponized!  THE P U R G E is coming for some.  By Defunding the Police, it’s going to be DOABLE in less than 4 Years.