FOOTBALL and PANDEMIC- Not a Good Pair…Big10, PAC12 Cancel.

Any Full Contact Sports will face a Viral Tsunami because by playing, they will be Playing God.  Yes, Sir.  Yes, Ma’am.  Can’t No One say this Fall is like all the Rest.  No, this Fall will be Consequential, at the least.

K I C K O F F S will be Super Spreaders.

Am I Anti-Sport?  Absolutely not.  I love them. But sometimes, the Higher Echelon is under such tremendous pressure that they too are subjugated into making Decisions which could come back to Haunt them.  

“We had the Best Protocols in place.”

“We had to have the Revenue for Our School.”

“All the Players wanted to Play.”

“We got good Advice.”

“We assumed that Our Protocols in Place would Protect everyone.”

Can we play? I don’t know. We haven’t stopped trying. We support, educate and care for student-athletes every day, and will continue to do so … every day.”

Can we play?  I don’t know.  Really, and you’re still going to do it.  The reason you play is for the Purity of the Game.  Now, that line has been broken.  Spring 2021 is looking pretty good…

And the Statements filling-up the Airways are so very nice sounding and sounding so eerily the same as if everyone has been reading from the Same Playbook.  Even memorizing it.  

SPRING 2021 SPORTS is very Doable.  It’s Okay and wait until Spring because by Spring 2021, Vaccines will be Available.  Getting those Vaccines to everyone will be M E S S Y!  

SPRING 2021 VACCINATIONS WON’T BE PRETTY!  None of these Vaccines have been proven to prevent COVID-19.  They think, they hope.  But no one knows.  

Most of you weren’t around to be a partaker in the Swine-Flu Vaccination Catastrophy.  It was a Mess waiting as long as 6 Hours in a line of folks Bitching their Butts Off.  It was a pissy event and everybody was there. 

        I’m thinking Assigning a family a Time to get their Shots and MAKING it a Drive-Thru event.  Everyone should be allowed to remain in their Vehicles.  But if it becomes a VERBAL SHOUT OUT over how pissed a person is could open the Door for Lots of Arrests. And if they spend W A S T E D time on having all of us Signing RELEASE FROM LIABILITY forms will only Compound the Event.

But the real Issue is justifying playing a full SEASON at Greater Costs?  And for the Life of me, I cannot and I won’t be there Defending Sports playing before the Vaccines are Ready for us.  And Folks, I promise you, taking the COVID-19 Vaccines will be a calculated Risk.  Yes, they will.  

“We’re Not Faint-Hearted at Our School.”

Faint-Hearted may be quickly replaced with Fool-Hearted.  Yes, getting only a Handful of Games under your Belts before you SHUTDOWN your Season won’t be excusable.  No, it WON’T.  Using good, solid Judgement is what Adults are supposed to do.  But this Pandemic has revealed some of the worst that exists.  Schools have included the Quid Pro Quo System with Staff and it’s going to come back to bite some of these individuals in their backsides.  Making poor Decisions are easily covered-up, but not this Go Around.  Why?  Everyone will be watching how this plays out.  

And I’m Sorry, I don’t see any Football Season not interrupted by the PANDEMIC.  This is a PANDEMIC for crying out L O U D.  Not a Nursery Rhyme.  And a full sprint is going to have an Athlete spraying out a ton of air. 

On K I C K O F F S,  players will be hosing down the entire field with their work. And Sucking that air in like a Super Charged Vacum Cleaner or Shop Vac.  It’ll take just One Fan, One Player to spread what could be Life-Ending for some.  Spreading the Virus and it will take place.  And forfeited Games will only make the entire Season a J O K E. 

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Keeping Players in Shape will be a Challenge, but by waiting until Spring 2021, the Players and Coaches can concentrate on that Athletes Book Learning.  And I’m talking more than Basket Weaving Classes.  Get these kids a Healthy Dose of real Education and not just Learning the Playbook. 

Great Teams have already Opted-Out for a Fall SEASON. And the same, the very same reasons that caused those Schools to Postpone their Football Season still E X I S T.  Yes, they have not gone away.  They unfortunately still remain very, very active.  And I praise their Decision to Postpone.  This was a good choice.  I guess these other Schools didn’t take the time to Review the 1918 Spanish Flu Playbook.  You can find them most everywhere.  Missing them?  The pages can be located in your Cities Graveyards.  Or the easiest place to find them is at the Library of Congress.  

Tell the truth. At its core, society is based on trust.

And I do Fear the Truth will be withheld from the Players during the Season.  And how can you make this work without Quarantining the Players 24/7 and bring them out only for practice and games.  Lock them up and away from Going to Classes.  Online Only for Classrooms stinks to the M A X.  But it’s going to be taking place.  It already has in Public Schools.  Trying to Re-Open only to send everyone back home.  And talk about a M E S S.  How is this all going to work?  Very. Very slowly.  The Game right NOW us to Go Slow.  Speed and expediting things won’t work.  Working on producing Online Classes by Teachers, Instructors, and Professors need to be going in right now.   My wife taught in the Texas Public and Catholic Private School System for 38 years.  And she received her Classroom Materials about a week before the Students came back to class. 

Well. Every Class will need to be Recorded so sick Students or Quarantined Students can see the Material Covered via the Internet.  It’s going to be a mess.  I can see the State having a backup Teaching Recording covering the Material.  The State adopts 5 Textbooks and the Book your School adopts may not even be used because a School District may Adopt their own Material.  But a Book may be used for 5-10 years.  Most School Districts don’t have the monies to buy new Books each year.  Also. This Pandemic may completely change using Text Books at all in paper form.  May become an Inline Copy of that Book used in Online Classes.

And people are saying Students are becoming socially inept and falling behind in School Grades.  Well, right now, we are going to see what Social Ineptness really is.  Will kids come back with the same Values as their Parents exhibit?  And some will be good and others will be bad ones.  But solvable?  Sure, kids back in school is coming, but it will be a minute and Vaccines will be paramount.  But a One Time Vaccine would be absolutely fantastic.  Only time will tell…

August 11, 2020-