Space Tourism!

Time to Dream and dream B I G.  So big, you’ll be able to tell your friends you are a Certified Astronaut.  Yep. In my book, if you get yourself into Space, your are a Certified Astronaut.  The Hours of Training to go into Space will not only get you Ready, but you’ll need to go thru a rigorous bunch of mental and physical Tests to make sure you won’t poop your suit on Takeoff.  

And a Trip to the Moon and loop back to Earth will take weeks and weeks of Training.  And drinking someone else’s piss might be just one of your Tests.  And it’ll be filtered and your Air will be re-filtered too. So what sort of things will a Earth to Moon and Back Trip have on the planned IN-FLIGHT schedule?  And if one of you cracks-up, won’t that be a special flight?  

But will this become a Show-Off Game for the Rich?  Space Flights for Tourists will be a Rich Folks Show-Off Game.  And it will!

Space Tourism: 5 Space Companies That Will Make You An Astronaut

And talk about Security Checkout!  You’ll have to be Everything Right with a

B I G!  F A T! C H E C K B O O K!

But this very idea of touching the Stars as close as we’ve ever been sounds pretty cool even if it’s only going to be a Rich Folk Game.  $350,000-900,000 for a round the Planet Trip.  And $120,000,000-375,000,000 for a Round the Moon and back Super Deluxe Trip.  Well, are you getting excited?  For your Dreams!  Unless you are a Rich Folk who will be on the WAITING LIST.  2021 or 2022, it’ll Blast Off!  And you’ll have so much Hot Gas Propulsion trying to slam up your Booty Hole that you won’t know what to do except to squirt out some fresh GOO as you go hurling Balls to the Walls Boys!  Gung-Ho all the Way!

But fun?  About as fun as it gets.  And if I was going, I’d immediately ask the person sitting next to me-Hey, will you pull my finger?  Lol

And World Competition might quadruple the Pricing of the Trips if the Trips are made available to anyone on Earth?  A Trip around the Moon might skyrocket to over $One Billion Dollars because there is no telling how long all of this will last after the 1st Rocket Explosion with the Rich Folk Onboard?  And I’m not trying to exclude the rest of us, but it’ll be a kissing Game for the Rich.  Baby, you know it will.  Lol

And again, talk about F U N!  They’ll havevthe Blast of their Lives.  I see Big Name Athletes doing it.  And no telling who else, but all of us will want to know who is on each Flight.  It’ll be a Gallery of the WHODUNITs!  And it’ll be Billions of us who DIDN’T do it. 

And the Fake Selfies will be bouncing all over the Place so you can pretend to have made one of these flights.  Sites will set-up helping you do that for sure.  And the Stories will be unbelievable.  Couples wanting to get Married?  And the Ten Mile High Club will have a long list of Volunteers.  Lol. But when someone Breaks the What?  S P A C E-L A W S?  Will they Cuff you in Space?  And who’ll be the 1st to S M O K E a Doobie in Space?  Lol.  Yes, it’s going to be amusing for sure.  And on the back of your Ticket, it will say in fine Lettering-


And I see the Environmentalists and the SAVE THE PLANET folks coming out in full force when they put pen to paper an calculate what each Flight costs Mother Earth..

Right!  On!👀👍