RICHARD JEWELL-a Tough, Disturbing 5-Star MOVIE WATCH!


Talk about relevant.  Man, talk about a miserable Twist of Fate?  And how would you be if This happened to You?  This Movie is exactly that…exemplifying unrelenting Trial TV Style.  By the Public.  Akin to a Public Hanging where the Crowd pulls the Suspect out of their Holding Cell in Jail.  And this Movie Shows the Crucifixion of an Innocent Man.  Clint Eastwood brought to life a Tragedy, but more so, it brought How quickly a person’s Life can be Destroyed by just one Over-Ambitious Reporter?  But how many times have we heard about Forced Confessions.  And all of us think that’s what Happens in Communist Countries.  And not Here.  Media Madness with Boss upon Boss demanding a Quick Solution?  And in this very tough, Disturbing Movie, all sorts of Media Festivities take off, but in the Wrong Direction.  And how quickly witty TV Reporters will jump around things to make someone look like how ever they want any of us to L O O K!

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RICHARD JEWEL-a tough, Disturbing 5-Star Movie.  

Actually, I didn’t want to watch this Movie because I thought the Man G U I L T Y!  And I didn’t ever get the 2nd M E M O.  And how many other Americans didn’t either?  But after starting the Movie. I found myself following and following and WATCHING all of it.  And it is a very much needed Movie all of us need to watch.  Yes, it’s a Movie I am glad I saw.  And maybe, you will too.

And a quick look at the Timeline-

And how much of the Movie was Factual and Hollywood Drama?  You must decide and how sad did the Media cause this man’s early Death?