Free and Fair Election…don’t worry, we’ll be here next Year!

If you are worried about the Upcoming Election!  Don’t be.  We’ll still be here next Year.  Voting by mail isn’t NEW!  Five States already Vote 100% by Mail.  Don’t let the Fret Birds kill your Joy.  I’m Happy about the Election.  And I see a Change!  I see Trump Losing but only if no one crawfished their Vote.  Everyone must come out and End the Madness if Crazy Wild Tweets and strange and weird BEHAVIOR.  I mean who stays up all night Blocking His Negative Comments Tweeters?  You got it, he does.  Shutting down Bad Comments is more Important than sleep and concentrating on what can be Best Done for the Country.  

But I do, I do. I do believe this Election is one of the Biggest since the Days of the Vietnam War.  Folks. We shouldn’t be concerned with each other.  There are Important Things like Ending our Troop Occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.  Yes. In both Countries. Our Army is seen as an Occupation Army.  We should be Gone already! We can’t keep staying just to clean-up their Diapers!  It’s OVER!  We got to Leave!  Nothing saddens me more than to Read the Obituary on one of our Dead Troops, Sailors, or Airmen that died in one of the above Countries.  It can’t keep going…that is a Real Issue that somehow it’s small on the List of Distractions that instead should be near the Top! WE must get out…

Please VOTE!

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