And the Young Will Know Us All…in every detail

Nothing brings out the ingenuity of mankind more than a Pandemic.  And as all of us act, speak, love, and cry, these will be Viewed from young minds trying to figure all of it out.  And they will know you.  And right now, I saw another story of a man and his family of wife and kids now living out of their car. 

I haven’t seen them yet, but I bet Overpasses will soon have people living under them soon.  And when that happens, America is entering Hard Times.  How many will be Homeless remains to be seen, but it is rapidly coming.  On TV just last night, a Reporter mentioned Homeless, but just barely touched the Subject.  This is going to be a Real Subject where the Homeless will need our Help.  Yes, it’s going to be sad when all the present places taking Homeless are filled.  And I know of another man living in his truck.  He has it running when he runs the A/C. 

But right now, an outside thermometer has the Temperature at 104.  And that’s a messy heat here today.  Hot as Blazes and gonna get Hotter.  And talking about Young Kids, here are our Latest-