Lacking Role Models can Devastate A Society.

Oh, no, time to go down that Rabbit Hole again?  Sure, and for good reason-Role Models play one of the Greatest Purposes in putting Purpose in a Society. The Military uses Role Models.  We need Good Role models.  Who were yours? And are Role Models impactful on a Society? Yes, their Impact have an undeniable Pivotal Expression of Educational Prowess and can promote or demote a neighborhood into good standings or dismal decline. They can Promote pure wonderment or a Leprosy of Lethargy Unemployment.  Lacking Role Models can actually prevent a person’s Self-Improvement.  Schools use Role Models in their Classrooms all the time.  Role Models are more important than most of us realize.

And a Society will align itself to the Ideology or Philosophy of their Role Models.  Yes, it will.  But having none only promotes the Doom of a Society.  And Role Models can be a simple Object as well. And a good example suddenly frowned upon by some,  but used way back when they needed or wanted Crazies to Join the Military, well, they used the Role Model of Crazy Wild Man Johnny Reb.  And that Civil War Flag. Yes. Johnny Reb who was a “Rebel” so they could gather up a certain type of kind of person that would charge straight into Cannon Fire.  Johnny Reb Flags were everywhere.  But they meant JOHNNY REB and didn’t have a View of “White Anything” attached to them other than a Crazy White Boy Craziness Hellbent for Military Duty.  And now suddenly, they are Offensive as Flags of the Confederate States. 

But that was during the Vietnam War Days for me and the Draft. Race and consequences of Race never dawned on me back then. But Society does change its View on things and America is currently undergoing Growing Pains.

But that was a West Texas Generational View where many of us weren’t around Black People because there were very few where I lived. 

And now Today, I’m not having a Clue who the Role Models of the Youth are?  Do you know?  For my Son, he made and sold RAP CDs and knew Every Rap Artists and He wasn’t listening to Hank Williams, Jr. 

And he got two Tickets for “Boom Blasting” from his Car.  And he had almost as much money in all that Boom Blasting Gear as he had in the Value of the Car. And as he grew-up, I never gave it much thought as to who were his Role Models. But I’m thinking about Role Models today.

But let’s look at different kinds of Role Models.

The Greatest of these Roles comes in the form of Education’s Arena.  And just by giving a person the Right book at the right time will set up a person for Good.  And the following Book is just the sort of Life Changing Book many need today.



And before you go pointing your fingers at me, it’s what we wrap our children’s heads around.  Did you push your Child or just sit back and say-They are what they are.  They will be what they were meant to be.  Hey, I don’t want my child smarter than me.

Or, did you never think about it?  I didn’t and I’m glad they turned out alright.   It’s true, we can help push a person in the right direction or the wrong direction.  And before you do, ask yourself-What are my intentions?

And one of my biggest Complaints about the Black Community that still puzzles me and not as a whole, but only if you did this or still do this, and that was this one statement I heard Blacks saying and I still find it strange, but it explains a portion of so many disparities.  And what was that?  Okay, and please Don’t kill the Messenger

I Ain’t Raising No Uppity N _ _ _ _ R!  See, they think they Uppity N…..S!  

But I never heard or saw a White Person use these two words.  Actually, they never caught my attention possibly because it was a “two word phrase” that made the rounds usually once during a school year.  And I’d heard them used so many times that I ignored their re-use.  It was a Mute thing to me. 

And it was the Black girls fighting about something or someone when they used the words.  But I’ve heard it used by Black Offenders and Black Officers while at the Texas Prisons, but they again meant nothing to me.  Why?  Because they were not being directed towards me. 

But so many things are not the exact same throughout the United States.  In parts of Texas, being a “Cockhound” meant you chased Women.  In the Northern States, if an individual said he was a “Cockhound”, they would think you were Gay only wanting men.  

And I cannot go along with what some Report these two words together are only to be viewed as a Racist Term used only by Southern White Folks.  Too many times, a Writer for whatever reason attempts to flip the Script and Re-Write History to benefit themselves or someone.  Southern Blacks for sure used the Uppity thing.  But like all things, what rolls off the tongue in one area of the United States may not in other areas.  And again, definitions change connotation as well. 

But, for me in all of my education, it was only a Black Person using these words when talking about their kids or other Blacks in a derogatory manner.  No, not what any White Person I was around ever used.  But that is mute when trying to show the whole process of Role Models and their Importance.  But everything does add its two cents when making the whole dollar. 

But now, I’m convinced the Lack of Good Role Models will destroy a Society or Neighborhood.  And what are good Role Models?  Here, we now need to put our thinking hats on…

And one of the biggest Issues with our Role Models is their Refusal to be used as a Role Model.  Too many only think-What’s in it for me?  Sports Role Models sell Apparel and Shoes.  But they are well paid for the use of their Name or Picture.  Teams use them to Sell the Team.  But how does that trickle down to a neighborhood?  But which Educator or Doctor or Nurse or Police Officer and Say, Medal of Honor Winners have their Name or their Picture on Apparel or Shoes or on a T-Shirt?

Being famous the only one Reason people become Role Models?  In many ways, YES.  Yes it is.  Doing good Deeds is a way to become a Good Role Model.  But so many leave a neighborhood when they Out-Grow that Area by quite possibly becoming a Medical Doctor or better job. 

A person who is willing to work hard can make it in America.  But there are hidden drawbacks and most are only MENTAL Ones that keep a person down.  You have to Lift yourself up.  Holding a person back is a mental block of self-incapability. 

We need Good Role Models. 

We do, we do, we do. 

And many are looked-up at as if they are sitting High on a Pedestal.  But sooner or later, they usually tell folks to Leave Them Alone.  Get away from me.  Away from them.  They lose their Luster.  Their Star Power vanishes. And the reason for their being a Role Model disappears.  Sports Role Models come and go like the Western Breeze.  Here now, gone TOMORROW.

My two Role Models were Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone.  And they were it.  No. Not a single Educator, President, War Hero, Doctor, Lawyer, Nurse.  No, nothing else.  No one else.  And like EVERYONE, it wasn’t until I left High School and went Overseas that I ever met the Race Animal…but having good Role Models do impact Our Lives.  It impacts our Jobs and so much more. Maybe it’s time for all of us to reevaluate what we Post on our Shirts.  Maybe put a real Role Model. 

Here’s my Author Books Signing Shirt.  Actually, this is the Printing Company’s BOBO Shirt.  See the Error?



So, books and related Sources with Good Role Models in them are something that many of us have the Opportunity to present to our Kids.  Even Shirts are Important.  So wear that Awe-Inspiring Shirt!