Virus Failure…Hell, looks like it’s been Quite Successful.

Virus Failure.  Pistol Pete’s got hairy feet.  And as I walked the Streets of Laredo, I didn’t spy a Young Cowboy all wrapped in White Linen. Looking backwards, I see my reflection.  And as I see myself, I talked about Good People,  good things, and pissy things.  

I’ve seen enough pain the last a Millennium.  And so have YOU.  Yes, all of us are pain struck, awe struck and trying to wrap our heads around it will make your own head explode.  

So, I’m thinking that all of us must now quit thinking.  Sure, why not.  Release a Trillion brain cells and think all of this in simpler terms.  Think Simplicity.  Not Complexity.  Complex thoughts?  Throw them out.  Think of what none of us know.  Here, are examples of simpler mindful thoughts-

1.  What does Elephant Poop smell like?  Similar to Hog, Cow, or Horse Poop?  A very simplistic thought and silly.  And you can ponder the Poop smells of many other things.

2.  What happened to Happy Silly?

3.  Do Whales tell each other Jokes and do they laugh?

4.  What Brand of Underwear are most bought in the World?

5.  If you fill a jar with Candy, what is the best Candy to use?

6.  Does anyone still count Jelly Beans?

7.  Do guys really compare their Dick Size?  Or not?And if so, do women compare the Sick size of their Husbands?  Or not?

8.  Wouldn’t a Hot Chocolate be nice right about now?

9.  I bet, and I’m not great at betting, that more sandwiches have been consumed in the World than ever before.  And I do wonder what is the strangest one ever made?  Yet, I’m almost scared to ask.  Lol

10.  Has the Pizza guy ever messed with any of our Pizzas?  You know, deliberately skimp on ingredients because he didn’t like how you sounded when you Ordered the Pizza.  Or were you thinking…lol

11.  Do you use Phone Manners?  To the point that you can hear the person getting upset with you?  Or you know someone who does.

12.  In three seconds, name how many times you wanted to yank the phone out of someone’s hand?

13.  Ever missed a Plane?

14.  Ever had your luggage delivered to the wrong Airport?

15.  Ever wondered if the TSA guy or gal at the Airport wash their hands before they come back to check you out after they just peed or pooped?

16.  In two seconds, name how many times someone asked you to have sex and you turned them down.  But you did it politely so not to hurt their feelings?

Heck, I don’t forgot what the Title was…lol