Stupid is as Stupid does…and forever, mankind has grappled with all Aspects of Stupid.  And the most brilliant minds were perplexed by it…lol. Remember the T-Shirts that said-

I’m with S T U P I D?  Yes, today, all of us are now able to be as Stupid as we want or not.

I’m thinking Today, we are surrounded neck deep in Stupidity by Stupid People.  Stupid Folks.  Has the Pandemic forced Mankind to restore the Academy of Stupidity?  And everyday, we are seeing outstanding Examples of all their fine Graduates.  And some of these Stupid Folk even are going back to get their Masters and their Doctorals.  Yes. STUPID Folks and their Stupid Acts are amazing us all.  Thank you, Stupid Folks for making everything more understandable, more explainable. (smh)  Here, read Stupid Stuff from Stupid Folks that pondered the Accomplishments of all these Stupid Graduates-lol