Mach·i·a·vel·li·an Nightmare!

Presidential Order November 4, 2020
“My fellow Republicans and Americans, the Democrats have once again demonstrated their unwillingness to Accept this Election as being one of, if not the very worst, the most corrupt, illegal demonstration of Election Interference in our Elections History once again caused by Democrats.  I know this.  I have proof.  Powerful, Positive Proof of their Illegal Activities.  And I will not allow my fellow Americans to be deprived of the best man for the Job.  My 1st Term proved that I am the best President in American History.  I built a Wall.  I got a Trade Deal with China. I enacted the best Tax Cut in American History.  I renegotiated the NAFTA Trade Deal.  In all cases, I proved how the weak Democrats have given away American Monies to the Advantages of Foreign Countries.  Is that what you wanted?  And Democrats wanted to Sign a very Disadvantaged Climate Agreement with other Foreign Countries asking us to pay for all of it, but I refused that.  We’ll not pay all Costs on all things.  I even got NATO to begin making their NATO payments.  And I made America Great again. Then came this Pandemic that the Democrats have blamed on me.  But I saw your pains.
I enacted not one, but TWO STIMULUS Packages to benefit hard working Americans.  I enacted Operational Warp Speed now providing over 250 million Doses of COVID-19 Vaccines.       But the Democrats attempted to give Democrat Workers $600 a week to keep them at home.  America is not built by weak Democrats sitting at home by giving these Democrat Benefits to ensure their Laziness.  Democrats are a Scounderlous Lot.  A lot of Weaklings. They are an Enemy of Our Constitutional Rights weakening Our Powerful Rights for real Americans.  Democrats have been caught red handed by their foul Deeds.  They attempted to Impeach me, but I proved my 110% Innocence. I was completelyInnocent.Fakr 
And now, with the Congressional Support of the United States Senate and complete backing by the United States Military, I make this Announcement. 
 By this Presidential Order, I, President Donald Trump have Declared the 2020 Elections Null and Void.  
I now Declare by God’s Divine Aid, myself the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election by Default. 
I am America’s President for a 2nd Term.
Donald Trump