I don’t Care no more…do you?

I don’t Care no more…do you?   

Baby, doesn’t that say a whole bunch about how a lot of us are feeling right now?  Kids and Parents not knowing and the Schools not knowing and the Sports World not Knowing and then that big ball comes crashing right into our Doorway.  And it sticks to the Door not letting us out to GO and DO what WE WANT TO DO!

I be Hating, You Be Hating, Everybody be Hating this Pandemic.  For sure, it stinks like nothing ever before.

But the Blues runs deep across all of the World now.  And every time you turn on the TUBE, you start to wonder, what in the Heck is really going on?

Reminds me of the Vietnam War and What the Hell are We Fighting For?

Put down you Books and Come and we all have some fun.  Oh Brother, that was a LIE!  So, in a way, my Generation got a whole lot of that-

I don’t Care no more…do you? 

And I as a Father and a Grandfather can only Offer my this-I wouldn’t send my Kids to School right now.  It’s a Pandemic and if you think we have seen it all, we haven’t seen nothing yet.  It’s gonna come begging the Grim Reaper to come and snatch up a whole lot more folks cause people are in Certain Jobs because they are well trained ROBOTS.  Yes, they are and no matter what is right, they will still follow the Directions of those above them.  And if it were to March into the Very Gates of Hades, these Robots would attempt that one too.

But think about it?  Has anyone living got the Rule Book of a Pandemic?  No, all we got are the things that the Spanish Flu left for all of us to read and yes, I had old farts relaying their days during that B.S. and it was HOrrible and the Death Wagons coming around always bothered me.  

Can’t wonder why, we all gonna die.  But, rational Man, where have you disappeared to?  You know, it is sort of funny how the World News just about completely disappeared and nothing is stranger to see is the Infections and Death Counts of all Countries all over the World.  Who knew?  Well, it was sure enough to know that another bad boy could come at any time and from any place in the World.  It’s messy sad now to see how all of this has come to be played out.  Could we, should we have done a better this?  A better That?  Maybe so, or isn’t that just wishful thinking.  But alas, this is no dream and every night before bed and before we wake again, we open our eyes to the same picture now every day.  It’s a creepy, strange, weird, and every word in the Dictionary strangeness of a Pandemic.  Isn’t it?  And every day, it is weighing down harder and harder on many folks.

What all of us is more Love right now!  Yes, we need SEX.  More and more and more SEX.  That will get your mind off lots of stuff for a while.  So, enjoy all the Love Making you can endure.  Try to F_ _ K your brains out.  LOL.  Such a weird saying for sure.  And Lordy, when it comes to Sex, there are so many queer and strange things out there to say and the language and new terminology is mind-boggling.  But, if you pull out your Penis, the Message is Observed pretty quickly.  Or if you drop your pants and show that hairy or hairless bush, that other is gonna know you are not playing and so, JUST GO FOR IT and have some FUN.  Love making is FUN.  The funniest Game in TOWN and USE IT till your LOSE IT!  For Real!  Lol.  My grandmother would put Ha Ha Ha in right about now in her letters, but she wouldn’t be saying all the stuff all of us say nowadays.  But every Generation has it’s good ways and bad ways and its quirkiness for sure.

I was watching the Politician Last night and in it, the World is supposed to End in Ten Years.  Really, well, I sure didn’t get that MEMO.  Did any of  you?  Lol.  Ha Ha Ha.  Oh my, i did it again,  Lol.

So, now, are you so upset that you can’t see where I’ve taken you?  From Sadness to a SMILE on your face.  And maybe a giggle or two.  LOL.  Ha Ha Ha.  Have a good night…bye, my wrists is hurting really bad, and no, its not from doing that…LOL…Ha Ha Ha…bye


Maybe we should start a Game on Who can Out Guess Who on What’s Going to Happen Next?