Half-Breeds!  Mom or Dad was full blood Indian and other parent wasn’t.  And their offspring were called Half-Breeds!  Remember Cher’s Song?

My Grandfather hated the name and his favorite Return word was CHESSIE BUTTS!

There’s been a ton of Racial Issues that have and will continue to take place all over the Place.  My kids are fascinated by having Indian Blood in them.  I never tried to worry about it.  No, I had other exposures that made me an Angry Man.  And I lived in that Anger most of my Life.  Call it Bitterness or a Product of Hatred or being Bullied.  But no matter what it was, I had it, I was stuck with it.  And I ‘ve seen lots others with that Angry Look.  Yes, I’ve seen it and I will always attempt to squash it in others because it’s not a good way to be…it’s a reason for why’s I put it in all of my Books.  Realizing it, understanding it, and living with it.  After learning to live with PTSD, I’ve learned you just got to Accept it and LEARN to Live with it.  The Meds?  I tried, and they’re not what you think they are.  But maybe they work for some.  Not for me.  Booze didn’t work either.  I’d like to see Weed added to Okay to USE List.  But in Texas, there are still a mysterious connection along the Border that keeps it from becoming Legal.  I’m convinced someone is ON THE TAKE from the Cartels.  And in California, it’s Legal to smoke and the Buyers are 60 and OVER!  Dang, if all of us Old Folks wanna smoke Weed, then why the Heck not? But I’m not going to buy it illegally.  And I’m not driving to a State to smoke it.  But if I’m in Charge of Just One Area of Hell, I’m sure gonna be shoveling Weed down the throats of all the Goody-Two-Shoes that kept me from being able to Smoke it here on Earth.  And if I’m in Heaven and we can SMOKE IT there, I hope I’m in Charge of who gets to smoke it so I can Kill their Supply there too of the ones who prevented me from smoking it here.  I’m sick of hearing WEED IS THE GATEWAY TO HELL DRUG! Well, in some weird sort of way, calling folks Half-Breeds reminds me of the ones who now keep me from smoking Weed here in Texas.  I’m thinking it was them too.  Or their kids…lol