NVX-CoV2373, BNT162b2, or AZD1222 formerly called ChAdOx1? Are COVID-19 Vaccines being Tested. Which One is BEST?

NVX-CoV2373, BNT162b2, or ChAdOx1? 

Oxford’s ChAdOx1 is now called AZD1222


Which one is BEST?  These above Three COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates are currently under Clinical Phase Testing Trials and are the 3 “Big Pharma” are placing their Huge Resources behind for 500 Million Combined Doses.  Already, about Ten Billion Dollars has been committed.  Countries all across the World are or have already been placing their Orders…all three Vaccine Candidates must Complete three Phases of Testing…

One or quite possibly all three, are going to be presented to a whole lot of people all over the World in the next 365 Days.  Every day, I read the Released ABSTRACTS TESTING RESULTS in Legit Medical Journals or Outlets. Some are entering the final 3rd Phase of Testing.

And these are just some of Our QUESTIONS that all of us want to know-

1.  Will I have a Choice of Vaccine?

2.  Will this Vaccine I get require a 2nd Booster Shot?

3.  What are the Reported Side-Effects, both short term and long-term?

4.  What are the Reported Mild Adverse Effects?

5.  What are the Reported SEVERE ADVERSE EFFECTS?

6.  Cost to me?

7.  Who can I SUE if I have a Horrible Adverse Effect or Reaction to the Vaccine?

All of the above are good questions and some of the Answers will come out after the Public gets Vaccinated with these Vaccines.  Sure, there are going to be foul side effects for some of us.  And could be for all of us.  What will they be? 

We simply don’t know yet because THEY DON’T KNOW EITHER.  Sure, they are going thru three Phases of Testing using People as Lab Rats.  But these 18-59 Year Old Candidates being used aren’t the Average Joan or Average Joe.   No. They are all in Good Health with good medical history.

And when these Vaccines hit the Mainstream World Population, that’s where we are going to see Adverse Effects not found or identified in these Test Runs running up to a Public Commitment or releasing them upon the Public.

All of us are in a very small boat in a stormy Sea of Uncertainty.  All of us are eagerly awaiting a Working Vaccine for this Deadly Virus.  And all of us want a Return to a day of better Times.  And well, we’ll all just have to wait and see as we always do.  Lol. 

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