👉Texas Permit to Possess Permits👀🤔

👉Texas Permit to Possess Permits! 👀🤔Texas Permit to Possess Permits👀🤔

TEXAS, TEXAS, TEXAS.  Ain’t it time to really agree to disagree on this one Subject and quit Stalking and get Busy Creating More General Budget Revenue.

I estimate 30 million Texans would be willing to pay Texas for the Following Priviledges-

1.  Residency Permit to Possess Marijuana.  $250 per year.

2.  Individual Permit to Possess Marijuana while transporting the Marijuana from Legal Texas Seller to final Destination.  $175 per year.

Okay, that’s 250 + 175 = $425 per year.

30,000,000 Texans × $425 =$12,750,000,000

That’s only-

Twelve Billion & 750 Million Dollars.

Now, one permits a person to Possess it.  The other to have an ample or acceptable or reasonable Supply at their Residency.  

No, neither Permit would NOT allow

1.  Driving under the Influence or Use in a Vehicle.

2.  Smoking off the legal Boundary of your Residency.  Smoke inside your Home or Apartment.

TAXES for Texas’s General USE Fund or Budget would also pick up Taxes on the Sale of Marijuana from Texas Legal Sources.

This could amass another Two Billion Dollars per year.

Ain’t No Secret who would have it and where?  I’m adamant on ENDING CARTEL POSSESSION of any Monies from Texans when it would be best served by keeping that Money Here.  End Mexican Cartel Money from Texans for Marijuana.  End it NOW!

14 Billion Dollars, even Two Billion Dollars of General Budget Fund Money added now would be a big Hooray!

I’m 66, a U.S. Army Veteran and I have PTSD with Psychotic Episodes.  Smoking weed helped my PTSD, but today, I’m scared to get any marijuana because it is illegal.  Haven’t I earned the right to do one single excess in the privacy of my own home?  I own my own Home and PAID property  Taxes for 33 years.  But I would graciously appreciate this one opportunity before I die.  I’m not driving to a State where it is Legal.  Old images and views of Weed have to be set aside for the good of Texans and Texas. Over 65 should be enough of a reason to allow this one excess for all Texans.  I’m not going to sell or share the smoke.  I just want a tiny amount. What’s wrong with this?  Please pass this as a Compassionate Act for Elderly Texans.