Winter…A very Dismal Winter Awaits all of Us…

And no one wants to Quarantine again, but unless we can get a grip on this damn Virus, we are looking at a very Dismal Winter…a most memorable Time in all of our Lives.

Yes, I highly recommend starting your own Diary, a journal of what you will want to share with future generations.  And if you haven’t already, here’s a peep at some of the past.

1.  China Announces the Discovery of yet another Coronavirus Disease starting to spread in their Country.  I always research The China Times and various other News Sources frim around the World to hopefully find something of Interest that I might care enough about to Share with my Readers from all over the World.

2.  WHO goes to Investigate.  And the Source is supposedly at that time a Wuhan Meat Market.  But CHINA already had been bitten by a Coronavirus before.  And with this Virus doing various and complex injuries within the Human Body, China immediately recognized-Hey, this is no Virus to Play with.  This Virus is Deadly. 

3.  In America, Trump and Team Trump and Congress was mesmerizing the World with the IMPEACHMENT TRIAL and THE WALL and South American Caravans are still bothersome.And the Media was burning up the Headlines with the Odor Smell of every Fart that came out of Washington as long as it was Impeachment related.  FOCUS of Attention was NOT on China!👀  No, the Virus was there and it had to be a localized event.  And all believed China would wipe it Out.  But CHINA lost the Game and the Virus escaped with Deadly Precision.  DEADLY PRECISION!

4.  The AirlinesYes, the Airlines can take a Bow for helping deliver this Deadly Virus to places all over the Place.  And let’s not forget those Cruise Ships lending a thickening hand as well.  

5.  Japan and South Korea get hit with the Deadly Virus.  So, does Singapore and other regionally Asian Countries-the World saw, but hey, this had to be an Affecting Asians Only sort of Bug.

6.  Suddenly, other Countries were starting to see their 1st Cases and then, there was a Quickening.  Yes, Deaths at an alarming Rate began to attack.  Italy, Spain, France, and the United States were starting to get hit.

7.  Trump and Team Trump were still basking in their Revelations that QUID PRO QUO went to No Go.  Yes, the IMPEACHMENT floundered in the Senate.  And it was Over.  But the Virus was quickly spreading and in Washington State and California it came.

8.  NEW YORK CITY and New York was Under Attack.  New York City was getting Hammered and make no mistake, the Virus was Deadly and everyone here in America had their eyes on NYC.  First Responders from across America went to their Aid. 

9.  WHO declares a WORLD PANDEMIC-Countries FROM everywhere. started. Flight ferrying their Citizens from China and Japan and other places.  And the CRUISE SHIPS were being turned away from Ports because they Carried a Strange and Mysterious Disease.  And they finally decided to call the Disease that this Coronavirus caused-COVID-19.

10.  Testing and Quarantining was the sudden and BEST approach to this Virus.

11.  Italy, Spain, France, Germany are getting Hammered.

12.  CDC blows the Testing-instead of taking help from anybody else, CDC decides America has to create their Own Testing. And it’s a fiasco and Test Results are not correct as the wrong stuff for the Kits is sent out. 

13.  Trump and Team Trump send out conflicting messages as Trump apparently didn’t grasp the Gravity of this Deadly Pandemic.  And the World didn’t either except that it was Deadly.  Caused Strokes, Heart Attacks, Pneumonia and those at Death’s Door needed a Ventilator.  

14.  Nursing Homes are HAMMERED!  Sports and Going to School shut down-Then the State’s went into a LOCKDOWN.  All AT-RISK especially told to stay at Home.  And still stay home now.  Family gatherings are out on Hold.

15.  Stimulus Package is passed!  Most Americans get a $1200 Check and $600 for each Kid.  Unemployment Packages are spewed out like a blast of explosive diarrhea.  But it was Money to $600 a week for millions.  Lots of Companies were bulked-up with Money.  And many were Winners, but many were Losers in who got the Stimulus Monies.  

16.  We Unlock the Locks-Many come out of Quarantine with Lock-Jaw MADNESS or some other forms of Madness that many may have only now became known to Mankind.

17.  DIFFRACTION of REFRACTION-George Floyd is Killed and the streets ran wild with Very Upset Americans.

18.  Protesting turns Violent-the tiniest of Turds come out of their Troll Dungeons to Unleash very foul and negative Human Behavior challenging each other to Outdo one another.  One bring Balloons of Piss to throw at Law Enforcement Officers and the next brings bags of Shit.  And the next one brings and does even worse.  

19.  Gun Buying Becomes a New Epidemic!  Americans are scared into buying Guns by actions seen on TV and Online.

20.  Operation Warp SpeedOf all the things that Trump and Team Trump has done, Trump will be best remembered for providing the Funds for COVID-19 Vaccines.  Hopefully these will be legit and later Corruption is not uncovered.  But that amount of Money does bring out the Greedy in People. 

21.  Large Crowd Gatherings-yes, these things, no matter the function or the why’s, are causing the widespread infections of this Deadly Virus again.  And here, on this one, the finger of blame can go lots of directions.

22.  Federal Officers-these being sent to protesting along with the earlier dispatching the National Guard is not well received.  National Guard to help with the dispersing of needed items to Americans was and always is COOL.  But People know Troops are trained for one Purpose-To Kill.  Federal Officers are called back.

23.  A Dismal, Looming Winter-Yes, this is coming to us with every possible emotion.  Fears of the Unknown are running Rampant. 

But the Truth-We can expect lots more Infections and lots more Deaths from the Virus.  But our Focus must be Only what each of us can do for Ourselves and Our Families.  You got to Protect Number One.  Your Family.  Control what you can CONTROL the best you can.  Unbelievable unworkable? 

No, it’s going to be challenging, but again, very Doable. 

Take it one day at a time. 

Use your Masks. 

Social Distance. 

Wash Your Hands. 

And please, don’t wrap your head around only the craziness of all of that what may come.  Yes, there will be craziness of unrest by individuals Fed-Up and they will Lose Control of their Emotions at times…but don’t be a person that becomes part of the unneeded Problems.

  Be Strong.  Be Safe.  Keep your Family Safe.  And 99.9% of us will get thru Winter.  So, unless you are planning to be part of that .1%, DON’T.  God willing, my wife and I will get thru it, too.

But if you know your Medical Conditions place you in a High Risk Category, please take extra precautions and Make Your WILL!  Take a minute to jot down your wishes such as what you want done with your Body.  Just do it.  It’s okay to do this…and in the above, I left out a lot of stuff.  You can research and fill in the blanks, no. It’s not all in chronological order of occurrence either.