NOVAVAX’ S NVX-CoV2373 is finally revealing its Phase I Results.  Of course, this is not the ABSTRACT I had hoped to be sharing.  But, I’m very happy to see very good performance by this Vaccine.  My biggest Concern with this Vaccine and all Vaccines are the side-affects, both short and long term, and SEVERE ADVERSE Effects.  And this Press Release reported no Grade 3 or Level 3 Severe Adverse Effects.  And once again, the mild adverse effects are fatigue, headache, malaise. And shot location soreness.  So. Now, we finally get to see what Two Billion Dollars bought America and other Countries as well.  No, America is not running Solo on all of this…thank goodness-

1596583895675_1596583895002_1596583891728_Novavax Announces Positive Phase 1 Data for its COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate

The above is a Quick Read.  And I do think that President Trump’s Legacy will be Operation Warp Speed if these Vaccines fix all of this, do enjoy!

But hey, I saw one Report Today that this one Scientist may have found a CURE!  Man, I hope so…that’d be nice.

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