Can Protesting go so long that People will begin to Ignore Them?

Folks, point was well made.  Every one watched and all of us listened.  But will it come a time when Protesting goes on for so long that People begin Ignoring them that are Protesting?  Begin forgetting or ignoring their Cause?  And you say-No Way?  Well now, when you stop at a Red Light and you see-

1.  A person walking towards your car with a spray bottle asking to Wash Your Car’s Windows.

2.  A man walks toward your Car with a Newspaper.

3.  A person walks toward your car holding a Poverty Cardboard Poster.

4.  A person is holding a Black Lives Matter Sign.

5.  A person is holding a Looking for Work Sign.

6.  A person is holding a Homeless. please Help Sign.

And you Ignore them and don’t even make Eye Contact.

And you thought you’d never Ignore Protesting…you will, yes, you will get to where you totally Ignore it…