What’s really going on?

This Pandemic has surely brought out the best in PEOPLE and also brought the blazingly worse in them.  But the same can be said about many other things.  But let us take a Visit, shall we?

1.  I was suddenly and surprised to see a Report in the Media claiming Politics and Politicians were supplanting Religion.  Well,  I had to look up that strange word-

Supplant:  to supersede (another) especially by force or treachery

And I asked my wife if she agreed and she said-I can see that, sure.  So, what’s your View on that one?

2.  Amazing People putting their Lives on the Line for those that need their HHelp-ALL FRONT LINE WORKERS!  WOW!  THANK YOU! 

3.  The Gov. Giving all of us Stimulus Packages-Not One, but looks like a 2nd as well.  Who would have thought that? 

4.  Looming Real Estate Collapse-Yep, if you don’t see this one coming, take a 2nd look.  When it can’t get Home Owners to pay their Mortgages, then a Big Hit is on the wind saying-I’m Coming for your home.

5.  A terrible Time for having an EElection-Even during the Civil War, the Show Must Go On.

6.  Schools and Sports Re-Opening=How’s that going to go?  Soon, well soon all of us will know.  And No, no one has the Answers on this one.  PAC-12 Players are wanting added Safety.  MLB has failed to play some Games.  Games without Fans is still something all of us are having a hard time of getting our heads wrapped around.  But how is all of this going to go?  I’m thinking the Flu and the Pandemic will win Hands down.  And again. No one knows.

7.  Filing for Bankruptcy?  This is going to be a hard road to go down for many.  But no money?  Savings stripped away?  So, what’s left?  

8.  Keeping Cool.  And I’m talking Cool under Hard Times.  Mentally Cool.

9.  Protesting?  Violence at these must END.  And if it doesn’t, Violence begets More Violence.  We’ve moved on past accepting the Violence at the Protests because Our very Laws forbids it.  And if it doesn’t Stop, how far are you willing to go?  From Civil Disobedience to Armed Conflict?  I’m talking beyond just going to a Protest hoping for a Viral Video when you get around folks pulling out guns and shooting into the Crowd or at the Police Barricades?  What then, Man?  Suddenly. You take a bullet, a mindless bullet, to the gut and then you fall, you crawl and as you look down on your face and breath that pavement air, you still thinking what?  But hey. Hopefully someone got a Video on their phones of you dying and then. They ride home and Post it on YouTube until they pull it down or Instagram or Twitter?  But you Dead and Dead only knows that they wish they was still Alive.

10.  Take it Slow.  Take it one day at a time…