Picking Whose 1st? I see Trouble Coming…4 sure!

I’ve already expressed my concern on this already in an earlier Blog Post.  But now, the Mainstream Media has caught fire with it. And Yes, my OH my, these are troubling Questions?  Who gets the COVID-19 Vaccine 1st?  Your State?  Your City?  Your Country?  Or You?  Yes, this is going to be a Battleground Affair as Politicians will rear their Ugly Heads debating, demanding FIRST USE PRIVILEGE s as they too attempt to stir the New Vaccine into their Voting Populations.  But I’m starting to see other Issues that I spoke about-Which Vaccine to allow into my Arm?  No, like cars, they aren’t the same.  And even more troubling is the Fact that some of these Vaccines have not had their Phase I ABSTRACTS Released.  And that is where we begin seeing our 1st glimpses of the SEVERE ADVERSE REACTIONS.  For my wife and I, we want to know the full truth.  The whole Truth.  I can even see the Truckloads loaded with these Vaccines being hijacked because this stuff may sell for 100 times the price of gold on the Black Market.