Gun and Ammo BUYOUT coming SOON!

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August 3rd Headline Reads-

Shootings And Gun Deaths Continue To Rise At Alarming Rate In Large U.S. Cities


After the next round of Stimulus Checks go out, EVERY GUN, all the AMMO, in every Gun Store in America will be SOLD OUT!  A Complete and Total Buyout!

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You think I’m joking?  I never JOKE about something that is going to Happen. Yes, an onslaught of gun buying like never seen in American History will soon be taking place.  And why?  And why you ask?  You know why. Your own gut feeling is saying-Prepare Your Defense…now, not later.  But what’s caused all the suddenness to buy?

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You’ve DEMANDED Defunded Police Departments.  And that means Fewer Law Enforcement Jobs, less of them on the Streets.  Less Protection for any of us.

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You’ve continued for Months spreading Dissension and Fear among the Ranks of American Society by your Violent Civil Unrest turned now into Violent Riots.  

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Deaths in Shooting has been stampeded into the Minds already on the Brink of Isolation Madness.  

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Oh Heck Yeah, Baby.  As soon as folks get those Stimulus Checks, the Guns and Ammo is going to start Flying Off the Gun and Ammo Shelves.  

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People want to feel S A F E!  And it ain’t going down any other way. 

Federal Officers were sent out to help quell the Violence in these Protests.  But the Violence escalated.  And the Civic Leaders DEMANDED their Removal.  And they were REMOVED!  And the Violence ESCALATED! 


Crazy Wild People throwing and Hurling Bricks, Rocks the Size of FISTS, shooting Guns into the Crowds, pellets at the P O L I C E Officers, and fighting, assaulting Police Officers.  WTH?  


And what affect is all this having on the Viewing Audiences?  Baby, you just got all of them S T O N E. . C O L D. . S C A R E D!  And what do People do when they feel that their Safety Net of Law Enforcement is vanishing?  And the Law Enforcement Officers  are being treated with such C O N T E M P T U O U S Behaviors?  Treating Law Enforcement with nothing but Criminal Behavior?  And does that translate into feeling Safe at Home?  No. It does not.

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And what do PEOPLE do when they start feeling a certain need that only a Gun can fulfill?  

images (54)

And then a Bonus Check falls into their Hands?  What do they do?

images (57)

Baby, they go out an buy themselves a Gun and AMMO.  And they prepare themselves for the Day these Lawless Men and Women try to enter their Homes.  Yes, they prepare themselves to Defend their Families and Themselves!  The TV has already shown all of us that Law Enforcement has Lost Control.  It’s set a serious Mindset into millions of Fearing the Lawless like a Mad Max World is coming?

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And you think-No Way.  Better get that Crap out of your mind because these Crazies are sparking Violence’ll all across America.


And suddenly, you realize that you are under-gunned while others are very prepared by viewing their confiscated weaponry…But with the things continuing to go as they are going, millions of Americans are going to turn to buying a Gun and Ammo-ANY GUN- for their personal USE to regain just a little bit of that sense of Security in their Lives that millions feel that they have lost.  Real or Not doesn’t matter anymore, people are going to empty them Gun, Ammo shelves like never before…


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