Every Sport is UNSAFE during a Pandemic!

XFL suspends operations, lays off employees and has no plans for 2021 season

That was the Headline on April 10, 2020.  But will that same Headline come back to haunt the NFL also read like this-

NFL suspends operations, lays off employees and has no plans for 2021 season

Yes, I can see the 1st part taking place without the “has no plans for 2021 season” in it.  And like the Other Sports or Colleges, Without Players, what sort of Season will there be?  Will the Season even count for anything?  Superbowl won’t be as glamorous.  No, even the NCAA Championship Game has already lost its Respectability, it’s luster as Conferences have Opted Out and are going to play this Season in Spring of 2021.  I’ve strongly agreed that Sports needed to take a “Wait and See Approach” after the Vaccines are made available.  Playing is not waiting…

We still are in a War against this Deadly Coronavirus and no, the Sports World didn’t buy into that Ideology.  And I don’t know where we’re headed as of yet…still too many unknowns.

But the whole idea of having a Sport is for the Fans to be there as well.  And if it’s UNSAFE for the Fans to be there at these Games, then why are the Players even playing?  It must be UNSAFE for them as well.  Hey, this Season isn’t for the Fans, no, it’s FOR THE MONEY!  Texas A&M University just proved that. 

man in white jersey doing peace hand sign
Photo by football wife on Pexels.com

For them, they have said No Season Ticket Holder would be giving up their seats for a STUDENT.  But because of the Limited Amount of People who can attend, they announced Fewer Students would be allowed to get Tickets so the Season Ticket Holders would not be denied their Ticketed Seats.   And if that doesn’t prove its not about the Love of the Game for the Students, but for the Money, nothing will. But why, why, why?

1.  The Students are why the University is THERE.

2.  Students are playing the Game.

The Mystic of these Games, the Camaraderie, the School Spirit starts and begins with the Student-NOT THE SEASON TICKET HOLDERS.  They’re no longer in school, GET OVER IT!   

nfl player holding u s a flag on field
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

But in all actuality, I do not see a full SEASON being played this year.  Nothing meaningful for sure. But which Student Player’s parent or grandparent who dies from the Virus being brought back home from these Football Games will cause a feverish uproar?  Was it worth them dying they will ask?  And one Crying Football Player cursing the playing a Game that they knew was Unsafe to Play And his appearing on National TV will do more damage to the Game than many are willing to even consider-They’re young, they’ll get over it.  Hell, we didn’t KNOW.

But yes. You do know!

And that’s where the Cat Holding the Bag cries will begin.  And legally LIABLE?  Sure it is.  And why?  It’s UNSAFE to play any Sport during a PANDEMIC.  That’s why it’s called a PANDEMIC!  And everyone knows it is…they know, yes, they know.  These “we’ll stop if there’s an Outbreak of the Virus” makes very little sense to me.  There will be an Outbreak, but the real question is how far are you willing to go?  How far are you willing to Risk Their Lives?  This is a Deadly Virus. The stories of “they’re young, they’re resilient, they’ll recover very quickly” doesn’t work with me.  A Delay to Start into 2021 is definitely the Best way to play the Game.    

man in white jersey doing peace hand sign
Photo by football wife on Pexels.com

And be sure to tell this kid-I’m sorry your Parents died, but they’re the ones you really need to blame for your playing this Season. They knew the Risks, they signed the “No Liability” for us.

But what they really mean to say is-MONEY FIRST!  And stopping and restarting what you started in Spring 2021 will sound like a shit sandwich and everyone gonna need to take a bite.