Ellen, Ellen, Ellen, what ya gonna do?


WOW!  I mean WOW!  Baby, Baby, Baby, what’s happening to ya?  Or should I be saying WHOA!  WHOA!  Hold it right there.  I’m always confused by confusion and confusing News.  Confused by confusion.  Lol.

I mean, has everyone got Cabin Fever so bad that attacking the Boss is the latest, newest endeavor?  Holy Ouch, has our little Saintified TV Icon suddenly fallen from Grace?  Our Grace?  Well, has she?  Lol.

No, not hardly.  Sure, just like the Equality  Protesting going on in America where White and Black are finding themselves on the same side of inequality.  Yes, a whole lot of folks are attached, intertwined in both physical and mental struggling of a wayward Society that always seems to keep saying-You can be seen, but Not Heard.  

And it’s not as awkward an Issue as many will lower their brow and say it is.  It’s just Growing Pains.  Yes, Ellen, wonderful Ellen, has a Show and sure, it too is not immune from Growing Pains.  It’s inevitable in any Business and the bigger a Company grows, the harder the reins holding the Wagon onto the road it is.  Yes, as you Grow, the Wagon grows and grows in size and suddenly, Ellen, like so many others, finds herself abreast with others atop one massive Wagon going balls to the walls High Speeding down a road that is always hellbent on slips and slides with 1000′ cliffs in all sides at times.  Some are there afixin and others are there abreakin.  But all in all, wasn’t it Love that brought all of you together in the 1st place?


I didn’t want to be just another Female on this Planet, I wanna be a Female that Changed things-isn’t that the fairest description of who the most beloved Ellen Degeneres is?  But make no doubt, while millions love her, there are millions that hate her.  But, so is Life.  And you got to Live Life.  Just Do It.

But I do find her complexity to be beyond what many think.  For some, she is a Saint.  Her Life Changing things that she has done has been, at times, amazing.  Yes, truly amazing.  But has she done it all by herself?  No, of course NOT.  You have to have the Best of the Best working near and all around you.  And each person is a very important working around her and her Grand Show.  

Now, let me ask you.  Did you ever see the Movie-THE SHOWMAN?  Which Stars Hugh  Jackman who did an Outstanding job of singing and dancing and so did all of that wonderful Cast. It’s a Movie Well worth the watch. 

Well, in many ways, you could call Ellen-THE SHOWWOMAN!  And her TV Show is similar to that Movie I just mentioned above.


But again, as the Show grows, so do the pains and No, no one person wields a strong arm or wand so great that growing pains won’t occur.  And now, they have materialized.  But are they Great ones or small ones?  Repairable ones or Unrepairable one?  Well, Ellen’s a Genius, so no, no one can count her out.  No, not down and out.  Got her Attention that her Show has just had some hiccups?  Well, sure it has and I have No Doubt that one of the most Popular Shows commenting the 4 P.M. PRIME TV slot on our TV Dials.  Opps!  Telling my age, most of you never experienced a TV that required you to get up and turn a Dial on the TV to change Channels.  Then came the Days of TURN your TV DIAL to Channel 3 or 4 and then USE your REMOTE to change your Channel you wanted to WATCH on your new TV SUBSCRIPTION CHANNELS.  Yes, this was Cable TV and for folks like our Area that only got two Channels on our TV until Cable came.  

Suddenly, we were happy as all get out.  But that didn’t mean you could quit your Job.  No, at first, Cable wasn’t all that they said it was.  But Baby, Baby, what’s happening to ya, Ellen?

WOW!  I mean WOW!  Baby, Baby, Baby, what’s happening to ya?  Or should I be saying WHOA!  WHOA!  WHOA!  Hold it right there.  I’m always confused by confusion and confusing News.  Confused by confusion.  Lol.


And the Hollywood Brand will Still Drill on this Story like a Horde of Termites set loose on an old wood framed house.  A laughing matter?  No, absolutely not.  But there are ones seeking her Prime Time Slot and yes, it’s a Dog eat Dog World in Hollywood.  You’re Hot Today and cold as Polar Bear Poop tomorrow. 

But, is Ellen entering into the seriously murky Waters of Show Cancellation?  And sure. There are ones always wanting to see the High and Mighty fall flat on their faces.  Yes, yes, yes, there are.  But let me ask you?  Has Ellen and Her Show win you over?  Well. Has it?  Or were you one of the ones not willing to go beyond her Lesbianism?  Yes, did you suddenly go-OH HELL NO when you learned Ellen was married, but not to a man?  Yes, did that ERK METER hit a high Erk on its Erking?  Lol.

Or did you keep watching?  And then, did she?  Yes, did she?  Did she won you over?  At least to accepting her as a human being?  Did you?  Did you or do you now accept her as a Human Being?

So, forget straining your brain on where the noodle in your mouth is going, let me take you by the hand and lead you down the stairs on her Show and sit you down next to her.  Okay?

So, you’re now here.  And now, watch a crowd of fans blow-up screaming with sheer joy as the Host walks out and yes. It’s Ellen.  And suddenly, your hair is tickling on the back of your head and you’ve suddenly got goose bumps all over your body and now, you’re thinking Holy Cow!  What’s really going on?  And then Twitch comes out gyrating his body with incredible Dancing moves and his, like Ellen’s smile. Is contagious.  And the Crowd of Fans are smiling too.  Then suddenly you see Brad Pitt sitting in the audience.  WTH?  And you see Cardi B come out.  You see Nicole Kidman and the Jonas Brothers and Wanda Sykes and then-Someone JUMPS OUT OF A BOX next to you scaring the Holy Cows out of you as suddenly you JUMP UP!  But then, here comes all the stories that bring tears to all of our Eyes and Ellen’s TV SHOW through its Sponsors give piles of money to some individuals in true NEED, cars to others, homes to some, and constantly giving monies and gifts to all sorts of causes and again, those needing.  In real need.  And has that helped fix your broken brain of not seeing what the true Ellen represents?  Can you not see the real her?  The real Ellen Degeneres.

And then the Pandemic Hit and that has come as a crippling Blow to millions not only here in America, but all across the World.  And everyone wants our normalcy returned to us just as quickly as it came upon us.  But no matter how wishful a person might be, the wishes will not fully be answered for what appears to be coming in years ahead and not mere months.  Challenges by the millions are upon us all as one United family and all of our hearts are troubled, our hearts are hurting.  Ellen is amazing, but only Jesus Christ can bring about the changes that we seek.  Yes, Holy Cow, did I just go there?  Yes, I did.  That’s what us Old People do.  It does remind me of my grandfather’s favorite word which for him was far worse than any curse words was when he called something or someone a Cheezy-Butt or Cheezy-Butts.  Lol.  Opps!  Such a wild and crazy quirky thought to toss in here, but Old Peoples minds do float all over the place.  But His only having a 2nd Grade education helped me see the World from a special point of view.  And that’s where all of us must return to-a simpler way of viewing all this craziness that lays all around us.  Just like shopping for groceries in a small way with small resources of available Incomes.  Thinking about tons of stuff the same way will help you, me, all of us get thru all of this. So, simplify your views of folks and things.  They, like all is us, are still just mere human beings.  No more, no less. 

 So, don’t fret about dear ole Ellen, she’s a Gamer and her Show will be back brighter and bigger and happier than any of us thought possible.  New stuff and so much more will be bouncing out of the TV and right into all of our Laps.  Well, at least our minds and tons more of those smiles will be back in all of our faces…bye