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About 74% of all coalfired power plants are at least 30 years old, and the average life of such plants is just 40 years, according to the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners.

By morning of June 14, 1984 Gibbons Creek was producing at full design capacity.

Then came News of its Sale-

Then that fall thru-

But then came the permanent Retirement of this Coal Plant-

2020-1984=36 years ago.  A 36-year Old Dirty Coal Power Plant converted to Operate on Powder River Basin Coal.

And then came-

But now, fast forward to the NOW what’s going on?

Necessary Reading-Click on PDF file below-

Matthew T. McKean signed the below paperwork which may show Him representing TEERP Power Station, LLC?

But trying to find out all the names creating the above company is a Mystery for an Online Search.

But “Person to Contact” Address and Contact Information for Jeffery Shreoter are included in following documentations-



Sierra Club Article-


According to the below Article, TMPA has already SOLD GIBBONS CREEK COAL POWER GENERATING PLANT to TEERP Power Station, LLC. 

Closed Texas power plant may be refired in 2021



TEERP Power Station, LLC 

????  Who are they?👀👈

Jeffrey Schroeter, managing director of Genova Power Advisors LLC, said his company is consulting with 👉👉👉Gibbons Creek’s potential new buyer, Frontier Applied Sciences, a technology development company based in Scottsdale, Ariz., on the deal… Frontier Applied Sciences CEO Matthew McKean did not respond to a request for comment.👈👈

Frontier Applied Sciences is estimated to generate $157,160 in annual revenues, and employs approximately 3 people


But mystery surrounded or shrouded what was taking place?  Read it for yourself-

But hey, I thought the Owners of this old Power Plant had made a Permanent Closing Official-

Gibbons Creek owners make it official, Texas coal plant to close permanently in October

But now?  What?

Seasonally Operate?

‘TEERP Power Station is the owner of the plant, according to records from the state grid manager, but the company could not be located for comment’

Frontier Applied Sciences is incorporated in the state of Nevada.

Office of Speaker, Frontier Applied Sciences officials deny coal talks

‘Tribe looking at proposal to sell 700,000 tons of coal.’”

And now,

But I’m thinking the Same has already been done or has it?

But I’m not sure what exactly is going on…do you?


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