These Weapons were Designed to KILL PEOPLE, so why the Hell you going to bring one to a Protest?


These Weapons were Designed to KILL PEOPLE, so why the Hell you going to bring one to a Protest?  Who you Planning to Kill?

I’m a Veteran and I’ve even at times been an NRA Member.  I do believe in a person’s right to Own Guns, but I do not and CANNOT for the Life of me understand How anyone would believe that suddenly, they have the Right to bring an Assault Weapon to a Protest?  Baby, I’m confused.  But I damn sure won’t be there with you unless it was a Pro-2nd Amendment Protest.  Then you’d know Guns were cool with everyone there. 


 But to take one to a Protest Rally like the ones going across America.  When I see that, I was under the belief that Long Guns were allowed, but Not Assault Weapons.  A long Gun is a single shot Deer Rifle and such.  Not an Assault Weapon with a 30-round Clip.  And extra Magazines?  WTFH?  What’s really going on in your Mindset?  These Weapons USE and most cheapest AMMO is FULL METAL JACKET rounds.  And these will go and completely have the ability to travel great distances and thru windows and walls and Kill Innocent People.  Kill and injure innocent People.  But again, what is a person’s mindset that they believe that they need to bring an ASSAULT WEAPON with 30-rd Clips to a legal, law-abiding Protest?  I’m not seeing it.  I can’t get my head wrapped around it.


And another (smh) thing that confounds me is this-You’re White with an ASSAULT WEAPON with 30-rd Magazines fully loaded and you take yourself and your ASSAULT WEAPON with fully loaded 30-rd Clips to a BLACK LIVES MATTER Protest.  Your Whiteness already would put my Mindset into automatically thinking that you were part of a White Supremacy Group possibly planning a Helter-Skelter Incident.  Not only would I leave as soon as I saw you, but I would look to see if you brought a bunch of those Skin Head Buddies. 


Now a young man with zero knowledge of White Supremacy Groups or White Gangs and with No True Understanding of exactly what the purpose of these ASSAULT WEAPONS made by a Government Contractor was well intended for.  Then sure, they are so ignorant and naive that it’s not funny. 


But now, I have the added advantage of Military Training, Texas Prison Guard Training with Assault Weapon Training, and DPS Certified Concealed Handgun Instructor Training and I’m a College Graduate and a grandfather of eight, father to three.  And I would NEVER BRING AN ASSAULT WEAPON WITH 30-rd fully loaded Clips to any Protest and especially to a Black Lives Matter Protest while knowing Violence has been occurring at some of them. 

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I mean, your gun isn’t shooting Blanks!  It’s not loaded with BLANKS!  It’s not shooting Pellets or Rubber Bullets, now is it?  No, it’s loaded with the same thing the United States Military is USING.  FULL METAL JACKET.  Ever see the Movie by the same name?  Well, these are highly dangerous rounds at any Protests. 

AND the Military is engaged in the work of Death.  Of Killing America’s Enemies.  And so, whose your Enemies that you believed that you needed and now you brought your ASSAULT WEAPON WITH 30-rd Clips to the show.  If you Fire one time, are you willing to face the consequences of killing or injuring Others too?  

And now, please read the following from THE HILL publication and you decide.  Both men, I feel sorry for both.  I do.  One’s family will suffer greatly.  The others family will suffer greatly.  One family will be out $10,000 in a funeral alone.  The other will be out $20,000-$50,000 in Court Related fees and Costs and possible Jail or Prison Time.  Such a sad event.  Very, very sad.  Please consider all possibilities and can you truly Justify bringing your ASSAULT WEAPON?

Watching Violence on TV doesn’t give or excuse a person the Right to be so inconsiderate of others by becoming part of that Violence.  Violence begets Violence.

And here’s. Quick exert-


Fort Hood sergeant says he shot and killed armed Black Lives Matter protestor

Fort Hood sergeant says he shot and killed armed Black Lives Matter protestor
An active-duty Army sergeant from Fort Hood says he was the one who shot and killed a man at a Black Lives Matter protest in Austin, Texas, last weekend, according to the sergeant’s attorney.
Again, this is so sad…never should have happened.

2 thoughts on “These Weapons were Designed to KILL PEOPLE, so why the Hell you going to bring one to a Protest?

  1. LOL ..

    Are you writing in italics? Or the print below the italics?

    In italics .. It’s MAGAZINES not CLIPS .. and so much other BS they lose all credibility .. The WHITE KID with a GUN was a part of the BLM group .. NOT a SKIN HEAD ..

    AND any protester that does what this idiot did will be put down immediately. Illegal (unlawful) detentions / kidnappings will be punished by death.

    And anyone calling these things (peaceful or otherwise) protests is an idiot or a liar .. they are an armed in-sir-wreck-shun!

    Travel armed and act accordingly!


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