Over 100 Million Americans are going Hungry NOW!

It was reported this week that 29.3% of Americans had no food this week.  And folks, if my math is correct, that translates to over 100 Million went without food beginning the week of the 21st.  And today, the stimulus money ends and both Parties of Congress saw no reason to Deal with the aspects of a 2nd Stimulus Package so they could get the Hell out of Town and back home.  But why leave, especially leaving so many Americans stranded in misery.  Yes. Stranded in Pure Misery.  But why rush home?  We’re their tails tucked between their legs?  No, I reckon not.  But rushing home will give them a chance to check with their Supporters on where the Money is really needed.  And it will mostly come from staff members making calls on their phones to them.  But the real calls will be the big money supporters who will gain the most of the Legislators Attentions.  But here comes the time those special Pork Belly Items gain momentum. 

Yes, those crazy wild money drifting, money grabbing Special Interest Items get explored.  And in a flurry of immense NEED, a 2nd Stimulus Package will be passed, but this is when and how strange items get added to it.  Yes, the American People in a great amount of numbers will be waiting for a hand up.  Beggingly?  No, not in a beggars spit will Americans do that.  But here’s the diff-Why should anyone in such an Amazing Country go without food?  

Friends, MI Compadres, MI Amigos, fellow Americans, the Country is now hurting like never before.  And Americans are starting to go without FOOD to eat.  And that is terribly disturbing.  No food?  Wtf?  No, not from the fact of no food to buy, but a fact of Not Having Money to Buy Food.  Yes, my wife and I will run out of Food Money this coming week.  And that is why I have a deeply saddening feeling knowing that Moms and Dads will be looking into the faces of their children needing something to eat.  Forget the “Get the Hell Out of My Property” Certified Letters.  But yesterday, I was sitting at a Pick-Up Grocery spot and we were 30 minutes early of our time slot when a man drove-up and asked if I could help him with food for his kids. And this was the 3rd time I’d been hit-up for food or gas money.

But I could tell, He did not ask for Himself.  And strangely, I had pulled out money for a Rainy Day sitting in my wallet and I knew and I could see 5 or 6 little faces looking out the windows in his car were not smiles of happy kids.  No, they were little Americans needing food.  And even the local Food Bank had shutdown due to COVID-19, but were going to reopen next week.  And folks, if you can’t tell when a Proud Man has sucked down his pride to ask for help is more humbling of a thing to me than to the one doing it.

So, the Money magically disappeared from my wallet and into the man’s hands.  And I told my wife I needed to sit there for a minute and in no time and before we called the number to let the Grocery Store know we were ready for our Order, that same man reappeared out of the Grocery Store with a basket full of food and I could see a case of Roman Noodles, gallons of milk and Cereal and bread and stuff I recognized as feed your family food.  And it was full of food and I didn’t see any beer, wine, or tobacco products. (I said that because many are taught to NEVER GIVE A STRANGER MONEY because they will use it on drugs or Booze-but folks, Times have changed and when you say you can’t give when you can, don’t beat your head if your house gets robbed.  Bad Karma will bite ya back in your backside)

And as I watched him go up to his car, I could see a woman sitting in it crying.  Yes. Crying I’m quite sure with tears of joy.  Tears of joy.  But still crying.  And no, I had no feeling of happiness.  It brings back many memories of when we ate very poorly like poor folk do.  And I still remember my father taking us into a hamburger joint and we ate a hamburger each and a small glass of water.  But then after we ate, instead of leaving, my father then put on an apron and went and washed all the burger joints dirty dishes.  And it took forever it seemed.  But it was many years before I realized my own father was this man talking to me and I’m sure he would have washed all the dishes in our home for food to feed his family with.  But now, the Bible says keep all Good Deeds secret, but I told you about this Not to get a Thanks for doing what I did, no. I’m sharing this in case you too are asked to help in person by someone less fortunate or down on their luck.

Now, right now, this weekend, millions of Americans are now going into emergency planning stage.  Their monies for unemployment are running out.  54 Million have applied, and only 30 million are getting PAID.  So, in the next six-10 months, let’s look at exactly what is going to happen?

1.  Hungry Folks are going into the Streets.

2.  Apartments and Homes will go empty.

3.  Tears that could fill AT&T Stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play could overflow every day from all the crying.

4.  Real Estate Loans will begin taking the biggest hits of all and another Real Estate Crisis may appear.

But the COVID Vaccines are going to be a Cure or a Curse.  And many things will take time to get back to normal.