President Obama predicts next Lame Duck President🤔


I’m starting to hear some Quacking and it’s going to turn into a scoundrelous Quacking come November 4th, 2020!  Yes, Sir!  Yes Ma’am!  The Quacking will be beginning and it’ll last until January 20, 2021.  Can you hear it?  Lol. I imagine it’ll turn into the Loudest Hissy-Fit ever performed without an Audience like Donald Duck quacking and Screaming every expletive known to Mankind.  I mean, he’ll go full blown A hacker.  But then. What will He do?

1.  Demand an Immediate Re-Count!  Claiming He Ain’t Leaving Until a Re-Count is carried Out!

2.  Scream VOTER FRAUD!  Of every possible kind.

3.  Will repeatedly claim At least 5 million Democrats Re-Voted Multiple Times!  At various Polling Places and even under Names of the Dead Americans.

4.  He will Claim Illegals were allowed to Vote Against Him.

5.  He will Claim Media Bias.

But when He learns he is “One and Done”, what Actions will He then Do?

By Executive Order:

1.  Pardon everyone on Death Row to Life Sentences?

2.  Pardon or Commute 50,000-150,000 Offender Sentences?

3.  LEGALIZE Marijuana?

4.  Order Tax Exemptions for all Billionaires?

5.  Will He get NO SLEEP by Tweeting all night long?

Yes, I do wonder How much muddling instead of Helping with a Smooth Presidential Transition will He dive off into?  Yes, how much more of Celebrating Himself will He do?  But here, at the very End, how wild and crazy will He take America?  Will He launch a Nuke off the Coast of North Korea and claim-My Bad. But No, they wouldn’t allow him to do that.  Lol

I’m thinking, and you may be too, are asking only NOW exactly would a bit of nuttiness, sudden craziness come about like none of us ever dreamed possible?  I’m knowing as President, He will still wield a Powerful Ability until January 20, 2021.  And between November 4th to January’s Inauguration, what is the man capable of doing? 

And we know it will be What He can do for Himself and his Family before he is dragged out of the White House like a screaming little bitch dog?  No, I’m not seeing him doing that or Anyone doing that to him.  Not ever!  No, not ever.

Or will He walk Upright like a Proud Man knowing and believing he had done his best and never look back…or will he say-Ill be back in 2024!  Yes, I see that happening and him winning again after Taxes are increased on the American Worker to pay back for these Stimulus Packages.

But then comes all the mounting Court Cases of strange and mysterious going-ons.  👀⏩Suddenly, Every “Quid Pro Quo” Incident will or won’t Materialize from players from all over the World and here in America.  And how many more Tell-All books will float out?  What other women will come out?  Yes, what mysterious activities will finally be unraveled?  But finally, will He be held responsible for every Drone Attack he Ordered,  no not the known ones, but the Ultra-Classified Ones? The dirty secret ones that may have been carried out for Vladimir Putin’s behalf?

I’m a nobody and I don’t know nothing for certain.  But, do you?


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