“Witch-Hunting” Dr. Stella Immanuel by the Media! I’m Not Going there…not doing none of that. I’ve already seen Real Racial Hatred.

I’m NOT!  I’M NOT going to join in on the “Witch-Hunting” of Dr. Stella Immanuel like the Media is right now and they are having a Field Day of It.  And Trust Me, this is turning into a FUll-Blown Modern Day WITCH HUNT stirred-up by what is exactly wrong with this Country.  Our Country.  Too many will not Accept the Culture a Person brings with them when they immigrate to America or they are 1st Generation American.  NO, too many won’t.  No, they’d rather Join in and Bring the Wood to the WITCH BURNING!  You can read all over the INTERNET and they are attacking this Woman like Nobody’s Business and you, like me, have a Choice.  Join in and BRING THE WOOD OR THE KEROSENE OR THE MATCHES!  Or you going to bring the Ropes?  The Chains to Chain her?  or will you please accept this- “if it doesn’t Apply, Let it Slide”.  Not going to get down on her.  No way!  That’s ain’t happening to this Texas Boy, This TEXAS COWBOY!

Why would I?  Why Should I?  Hey, the lady ain’t done a thing to HURT ME and has she hurt you?  She has her RIGHT to her Opinion and that’s COOL. Yes, that’s Cool Beans.

If you are one of the many folks from all over the World that have stayed with me thru thick and thin of it, you know where I’ve BEEN and you know that I bring a lot of Truth and Yes, I admit, I do get on my Cardboard Box at times and speak a little of what is upsetting me.  And most of what is upsetting me is upsetting you as well.  Well, we sure got a tons of stuff that be upsetting all of us now, don’t we?  But remember when I told you of Mike Maluki and Moody Gold who had come here in the 1960’s and LIVED with US, a WHITE Family in a WHITE Neighborhood?  Yes, one from Nigeria and the Other from Kenya.  And guess where the heck that is for those of you looking this up.  IT’s not in YOUR STATE!


And what I can’t wrap my head around is that so many of you making all these false claims of being deep hurt by so many racial things, well come with me and DIG DOWN DEEP!, DID you never got the full WHITE TREATMENT that our family got? 


DID YOU HAVE “NIGG_ _R LOVER” Hand Painted in Pig’s Blood on YOUR HOUSE?  Well, that’s just a start and that DAMN BURNING CROSS IN THE FIELD BEHIND OUR HOUSE put the wooly-boogers of PURE FEAR in me, but DID MY DAD UP AND RUN?  NO, he and HIS FAMILY stood OUR GROUND. Here, He was a GOVERNMENT MAN and the GOV. gave him a JOB that he damn well knew was going to put a TARGET on all of OUR BACKS and it damn sure did and all of it made me and my brother three of the MEANEST WHITE BOYS you ever saw.  And no, we NEVER WENT CROSS on any BLACK PERSON.  We defended them to the very end.  Yes, it was a blistering two years and it will always stand out in my Mind, but so many of you have no IDEA.  Folks, I have had twice a Gun put to my head by two different persons.  They were being stupid, yet they were in their beliefs.  And that is very sad.  And how’d that feel?  It felt pretty messed-up for sure.  Totally messed-up!  But it, like other things helped make me who I am today.  And I am thankful every day that I get to see another day.  Are you?  Or are you so tied-up that you never think to Thank Someone ever day for what you do have?  Hey, another Stimulus Check will be cool and my wife and I have been using and the 1st one is about gone, but we used Ours to buy Groceries.  I laugh when I hear People say-Trump bought me a New TV or Trump bought me a New Dishwasher and so on this silly stuff goes about what they did with their Stimulus Check.  Opps!  So sorry for swapping the chain of thought, and man, does my wife get upset with me when I do it while talking to her.

And here, at my Texas Prison JOB that I Retired from, I had several Nigerians thank me because of how I accepted them as Real Men and not like so many others did.  But as my wife was in the Hospital fighting for her LIfe, a Nigerian Preacher was making rounds and we talked and he laughed and he invited me to his Church.  He said-Mr. Brown, it is good what you know and I know that You know How We are. How we Nigerians are. And that is very good. 

And I sure can’t High-5 you or slap hands or shake your hand or fist-bump or elbow bump you to Give You what I know and why I see the things as I do.  I have a far deeper understanding of many things, but I do not like preaching.  No, that’s not me.

But now, gosh, gee, it was a strangest of times back then.  Here two of the blackest skin-colored men I had ever seen were living in our Home and I know why?  WHY?  Because I know now, they would have been killed or injured in a very foul way.  And no, I never knew who the Cross Burners were and no, I never learned who the Dead Animals throwers were, but I will never the ones who told me that they wanted all of us DEAD cause we were suddenly Nig_ _ r Lovers.  How profound of a hatred is that?  I mean, I saw a Real Home Grown Hatred For Blacks that my children never knew.  And it is NOT DEAD.  No, it has never died.  Some of it is in the Richest of Families and they pass that stuff onto their kids and I saw it even on the Football Team by their children.  How queer is that?  Totally.

My kids did not get that Hate Talk.  No, my kids were not going to be allowed to ever participate in such negative activities that did not benefit anyone in any kind of way.  But Dr. Stella Immanuel and what she says is fine.  She has that right. I’m a Veteran and like millions of other Veterans, I gave her and all of us that very Right to Speak Her Mind, your mind, all of our minds.  It’s what Veterans did for a Country that all of us LOVE to the last drop of our blood.

Whoever wishes to carry Dr. Stella Immanuel’s words farther are the ones I question as to what is their true Intentions?  A Class Act Joke?  A Racial Joke?  A Witch-Hunt?  She has the right to speak and she may believe all she says because of her Culture or information only she has.  Is it wrong?  It’s up to the Listener to consider what they are hearing. 

I was once told this-Wicked News rides a Fast Horse.  And after the Tale has made enough laps around the Track, someone will say-How many times are you going to Ride that Dead Horse?  (meaning the story is OLD, everyone has already heard it)

But truly, now it is time to see and respect another Person who brings to America a wonderful amount of her Culture here and as she teaches us hers, it is our duty to teach her ours and somewhere in the middle, all of us can still be good friends.  Yes, we can. 

Seeing a Person’s Culture is to Truly Know them…Quote by the Living Breathing James Brown.

As Americans, too many are too quick to Judge and sure, I’ve been guilty of it too on more than one time.  But the 1st Story or News or Tale out the Mouth is the one most folks are going to Believe no matter if they find out it to be wrong.  But, that’s part of growing.  And yes, there are minds I would love to trade with for just an hour so I could see how they THINK.  I can think of many folks and no, there are many I wouldn’t like to ever be in.  But sure, wouldn’t you like to know exactly what was in that other person’s mind in that exact moment that they decided to DUMP YOU?  CHEAT ON YOU?  CHEAT ON US?  Why, heck Yeah!  What did that two faced-lizard think when they did their Dirty Business on us?  Lol.

But we won’t ever know that.  So, heck, it is what it is.  SO, please if you can and if you get a chance, please don’t add to some Witch-Hunting of another Person.  It’s not cool.  Instead, take the time to see where a Person is coming from and when you do that, you will be a few pieces smarter.  And here’s a secret, the thing that so many are going full-blown on Dr. Stella Immanuel about comes from an Epic Tale told about 4000 B.C.  And how long has America been here?  And how long has China, for instance, been here?  Folks, America is still very, oh so very young.  And right now, all She is doing is going thru some growing-up pains.  That’s all.   My old wrist is crippling down on me now, so I guess I better quit for now.  But always know this-I do Pray for you and Love you every day.  And it’s okay to be that way.  It’s okay.  And yes, I miss so going to Texas A&M University to dive deep into Her Library Books.  They are such a Blessing and so many have never explored such a wonderment of expressionism.  

Be COOL everybody.