Trump does it Again like the flim-flam Man he is…

I got a serious such Question-Ever wondered why Trump goes on a seemingly Wild Outrageous Tweeting Campaign?  Have you completely thought he was MAD?  Insane acting?  No, he is a true flim-flam Man or Carney or Magician.  And as such, you must draw the Attention of your Audience from one thing to hide something else.  And his latest Ranting Cantankerous Tweets about Hydroxichlorqine was to sidestep what He should have been talking about-

1.  The Video Below.

2.  A certain World Leader getting a 12-Year Prison Sentence for Misappropriation of Funds.

3.  Try to Calm a Worried Nation that is concerned about-

A.  CORONAVIRUS Spreading.

B.  RIOTING in America’s Cities.

C.  Shutting Down.

D.  No JOBS!


But Below is something Trump should have discussed because this is a very Serious Issue and You Plan what You Are Going to Do!  Yes, you plan and then you carryout YOUR PLAN!  I’m NOT!  I’M NOT going to join in on the “Witch-Hunting” of Dr. Stella Immanuel.  Not going to.  No way!

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