🤕🤒Young College Football Players are Going to Get Hurt this 2020 Season!🤕🤒👈




Yes, two Seasons in the Same Year!  We can’t Decide when the VACCINE is Ready.  Look above at this Chart at How Long other Vaccines took place to make and create? 

Young College Football Players are Going to Get Hurt this 2020 Season! Quite possibly like never BEFORE!

I wished it weren’t so, but my gut feelings are Yes, Players are going to GET HURT because of the Pandemic!  And I hate the thought of any of these fine, outstanding, wonderful individuals suffering Season and Possible Career Ending Injuries.  And I know, I know, I know.  I don’t want to say so.  But folks, Today’s Amazing and Outstanding Athletes aren’t just what all of us saw just ten years ago.  No, Today, they are trained, physically Trained in ways never even considered.  And what is the Outcomes of all of this?  The Outcome is a man who is Ripped with Muscle Mass.  Ripped to the Ultimate Level. 


To a Level never thought possible.  Yes, amazing, an amazing Feat and exceptionally building the Best of the Best of a phenomenal massive constructed Warrior’s Body.  Yes, Viking Warrior Level!  Rome Soldier Warrior Level.  Gladiator Level!

So, how does the hurt bodies come from?  Simple.  All-Americans are the Best of the Best.  And when one of these men fully physically developed by their Junior or Senior Class Status, and this might occur after 6 years of College Attendance and BAM!  COVID-19 hits the Team. 

The 1st String and the 2nd String Players may both be hit with the Virus and be out of Play for 14 Days. 

This forces the Team to play Players fresh out of High School and when these youngest of Players with their under-developed body is hit by a fully developed All-American Player, what Happens?  This youngster with amazing Dreams of Playing his Best comes crashing down like being Hit by a Wrecking Ball with the force of 10,000-40,000 Lbs.  Yes, suddenly the Youngest who may have had plans of Playing in the NFL are suddenly ripped from their grasp.  I love good Sports.  You love Good Sports.  All of us LOVE Good Sports. 

But none of us like seeing LIFE CHANGING INJURIES!  Yes, there will be injuries.  We all know that.  But the Pandemic could Change the very Parameters of the Game such that the amount of Injuries might be unjustifiable.  Beyond anything any of bus have ever seen. And that is what I don’t want to see taking place.  So, what’s the Answers?  Hey, when the Mariners come-up with possibly 17 Total Infected MLB Players with COVID-19, and with them Using the Highest Protocol ever to PREVENT it and the Spread still occurred shows a Sad State of Affairs as to How We Are Still Not Understanding this Virus and it’s Spread completely yet.  We’re Not.  No, we are not. 

And with 21 States now in the RED ZONE for COVID-19, what is disparagingly sad is No, it’s time to Reverse Decisions to Play.  A Spring Season is very Possible!  Yes, it is DOABLE.  Spring Football is fine. 

It will work.  By 2021, COVID-19 Vaccines will be available.  Let’s get to that Time Period.  Yes. That is the Better, very Doable thing to do.  And if my own Son was playing this Year,  I’d tell him and the Coach-Hey, we’re sitting this Season Out!  Yes. It’s a Parents and Son Decision.  Not the Coaches!  Yes. Time to Reset and Restart Planning for a Spring 2021 Season Start.


  Yes, two Seasons in the Same Year!  We can’t Decide when the VACCINE is Ready.  Look above at this Chart at How Long other Vaccines took place to make and create?   If my Son was going to play this Year, I’d tell him and the School and the Coaches

MY SON AIN’T PLAYING THIS SEASON!  Parents and their Sons make those Decisions, NOT SCHOOLS or COACHES!

Nothing is more devastating that a Quadriplegic Injury!  And having to feed your child by hand or tube is enough reason to Not Continue towards a 2020 Football Season.

A Double Playing Season in 2021 would be a fantastic Money Maker! And Fun to WATCH!


Here is a good example of another Issue that just recently occurred in Major League Baseball.  Confrontations where Masks are completely disregarded in the heat of the Argument.  Yrs, it’s going to happen. 

It’s Okay.  Everyone is Ready for Good Sports, but the Pandemic is Not Cooperating…🤒🤕🤐