COVID-19 Miscellaneous…👍

Searching for that Magic Bullet.  Well, the below Article that appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine talks about-

Rapid Decay of Anti–SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies in Persons with Mild Covid-19

Okay, the NEJM is just one Source I read Articles and I found this one important because it brings up very important Questions-

1.  How LOW OF A LEVEL of COVID-19 Antibodies in my body will still Keep me Protected against the Virus?

2.  Will any amount of COVID-19 Antibodies in my body Protect Me against the Virus?

3.  How long will a Vaccine protect me against COVID-19?

4.  How long does it take before my body is completely Free of any COVID-19 Antibodies from the Disease or a Vaccine?

These and other Questions are on everyone’s mind.  I, like you, find myself constantly searching for Goodreads from good Sources.  And all of them and even any of us can read and be victim to bad information from poor authorship or ONLY going with Articles that are not PEER Reviewed.  And here are other Questions-

1.  Will COVID-19 be here from now on?

2.  How often will I need a Vaccine?

3.  Are Vaccines Safe?

4.  Which Vaccine from Which Manufacturers should I get?

These and other Questions are in our minds and No, I don’t have the Complete Answers.  But this is what I believe right now-

1.  I believe this Virus is NOT going away.  Yes, it will be here from now on because the Biggest Reason is this-It’s Impossible to get everyone Onboard from all over the World.  Won’t happen.  But I am not giving-up Hope that after the Herd has become Immune to it, then it could disappear.  Yes, if the entire Herd develops an Immunity to it, then it could go away.  That is why Number 3. Below is important.

2.  The biggest Obstacle I see right now in determining which Vaccine and from Which Manufacturer will depend on things for me-

A.  Availability.

B.  Cost.

C.  Adverse Effects from the Vaccine.  This is the biggest thing I am researching as each ABSTRACT at every Completed Phase Level is Released in a Major Medical Journal.  And I know some are being Released without PEER REVIEW.

D.  NO MANUFACTURER has yet to Release the very reasons I wrote this-

1.  What is the Decay-Rate of the Antibodies in the human body from Your Company’s COVID-19 Vaccine? 

2.  What is the Antibody Level needed to determine if I need another Vaccine? 

3.  What Antibody Amount in a Human will Protect against COVID-19?

The above are some concerns and I see people refusing to get a 2nd Vaccine Shot after they experience the Adverse Effects from when they get their 1st COVID-19 Vaccine Shot. 

Another concern I have are the Reports that the Vaccine Only Protects from the Pneumonia Aspect of the Disease and high levels of the Virus were found in the Nasal Passages.  Now, it’s so early in all of this that early speculation is troubling. i do see, especially in the Elderly, for those not taking a Vaccine Shot will cause their staying at home until COVID-19 goes away.  If it never does, these individuals may become the COVID-19 Hermits.  

But the Very Young and Old have yet to get a Phase III Test Done.  And it most likely will never happen ONLY from taking the Vaccine by the Public.  Sure, we all want one, but which one to take?  And then, once Antibodies are produced once by a Vaccine, will this be it’ll be one and done?

But I already saw one person say-We’ll need a yearly Vaccine. And most Vaccines are a two Shot Process.  Take one shot, next shot in 30 days.

One of the biggest things I’m seeing in the Media is Having an Expert Talk and he or she have obviously NOT KEPT up with the Latest Information about Vaccines or the Disease Reports.  And again, who to believe? 

I’ve already seen several Speak that had no business saying a thing.  Their words spread so much misinformation that it wasn’t even funny.

Right now is NOT the time to be watching Re-Runs on all of this except to check Facts.

All of us need to stay in touch with good Intel, good information.  But above are just some of my concerns from what I’ve seen or Read. 

I’m like you, always wanting good information and the Latest and Best from Sources I think are being as responsible as they can be.  No, I didn’t say ones that I Trust because I don’t trust any of them because they too are at the mercy of the actual Companies reporting their Findings. 

And again, I am very bothered that the Actual Severe Adverse Effects are NOT BEING REPORTED-Only the Grade Level of Severity.  I, like you, want to know exactly what happened to every Test Subject.

If someone had an amputation related to or caused by a COVID-19 Vaccine, I want that information so I can make an informed Judgement about a Vaccine.  I may Opt for another Vaccine.  If we have that Choice. And how will these Vaccines affect other Medications or other Vaccines?

And friends, I don’t like the idea of having to go back to get a 2nd Booster Shot in 30 days.  I want One and Done. 

No one will like going to get a 2nd Booster Shot in 30 Days or getting yearly COVID-19 Vaccines.

Also, I think all of us want a Medication that we can take if we do get COVID-19 that will make us WELL again.   For all the ones Who Refuse to get the VACCINE.  And the Adverse effects are a concern.  I’m not lying, the Last Pneumonia Shot I got hurt like Heck for three weeks at the Shot Location in my right arm.

I see too much Testing coming out of all of this-Antibody Testing going out the Rooftop.  But hopefully, in a year or two, many questions will be answered.  We should know a great deal by then,  but long term Health Effects from these Vaccines may terminate all of us.  But maybe, a brilliant mind or an average mind will find a Cure-all on this Virus like the Polio Shot.  That is what is necessary.  Also, would eliminating certain Bats be necessary?

Well, enough said.