“Man, we want it just like Gotham City, you know, a Virtual Video Game, you know, a Reality Game”, said one Rioter who has come out every single day of Protesting…drop a Hit of Acid and…it’s far out

WOW!  Wants it just like a Virtual Reality Video Game, but in Real Life?  Holy Cow!  I knew that these Violent Video Games were having some sort of affect or might possibly and now, well, it sure looks like they have been successful in Creating a Mind that is Willing to Put it all on the Line.  But in Real Life.  

You know, when I got this information this evening from a young Rioter from a POST I flashed out and then I, well, I got his or Response.  Not sure of his or her sex because on the INTERNET, people do play both.  Or just lie a lot.  But, is this the New Reality?  Violent Protesting that has finally come with a very disturbing new twist?  Gamers wanting Games for REAL?   I still cannot get my head wrapped around it.  Why?  Well, I once like playing some Violent Game called WolfenStein or something like that and it was bloody as heck. 

And I have ventured into living rooms where the most Violent Kill Everything that Moves Video Games were being played.  And the players were so intensely into their Characters that you darn sure better NOT interrupt their playing cause they will suddenly STOP and TURN to you as if you were some form of DEVIL.  Yes, ready to take the Gamer’s Law of NEVER STOP A GAME WHEN HE OR SHE IS GAMING into their hands and shoot you with a million invisible arrows or bullets.  And I guess their minds invisibly would see your body exploding into a million pieces.  Wow.  Holy wow.

But hey, until today, I never could or would have considered Violent Protesting be an extension of one’s fantasy world of Video Gaming.  And now that I think about it, i have seen Gamers playing to the Point of Emotions that I learned never to stop them.  Just leave the room. And actually now, the games are no longer played when I enter the rooms.  But, I do respect people’s spaces and sure it makes sense to be so into a game.  BUT WHOA!  From playing at home and bring that same level of Emotions from the Video Game and into the Protests?  Okay, again, I never thought about it…so, what do you think?  Are some of these Violent Protestors turned Violent just overgrown kids known as Video Gamers on LSD?   Or just Gamers looking for the NEXT HIGH or NEXT LEVEL in the Game?