Here, little piggy, piggy.  Here, little piggy, piggy.


“Here, little piggy, piggy, piggy..  Here, little piggy, piggy.  “We want you Gone, so we can do whatever we F_ _ king want to do.  We want to burn down all the buildings, eliminate all Piggy Stations and Precincts, eliminate all Piggies, loot all the Stores, scream every F_ _ King Foul Curse Word at you and anyone else, toss explosives at you, tear down every F_ _ king Statute ever put up, and we represent every American sitting at home watching us do whatever we want,”  

So, says these Communists and Anarchists. The pain you are causing Our Country today will be heaped back upon you a thousand times times a thousand times…

These Violent Folks want EVERYTHING American Destroyed…

Trump is calling protesters ‘terrorists.’ That puts him in the company of the world’s autocrats

And if you agree with the above with Violent Actions against America, you are an Anarchist or a Communist.  And no, I do not! This has gone way too far and far way too long. 

Time to Mobilize the TROOPS?

“What we saw today was not peaceful. The rioters had no regard for the public’s safety, for officers’ safety or for the businesses and property that they destroyed.”

— Chief Carmen Best, Seattle police

Police reported making 45 arrests near the East Precinct as of 10 p.m. local time.

They said 21 officers were hit by bricks, rocks and explosives. Most of the injured officers were able to return to work, police said in a Twitter message.

WTH?  These activities must be STOPPED no matter who STOPS them.  Is it time for the Real Citizens of Seattle to Stand-Up to these Vicious Attacks?  Who in God’s Name wants to be a Police Officer in YOUR CITY?  Is it time to Bring in the TROOPS?  Sure as heck appears to be so…

Conditions in the area had been declared a riot at 4:30 p.m. after police officers were being assaulted and protesters failed to disperseQ13 FOX of Seattle reported.

Honestly, I only bother to write about these Violent Riots going on because I’m a U.S. Army Veteran.  I do sincerely care about My Country and what happens to all Americans.  It bothers me to see my Fellow Americans putting others here on Our Sacred Soil in Harm’s Way and causing HARM TO THE PUBLIC’s SAFETY, Creating FEAR for our Kids!  Scaring folks that already have way too much to worry about than seeing every day how retarded, retarded people who are not retarded can be.  WHY?  Please tell us WHY?   Sign on the Dotted Line and get your Lazy BUTTS into the Military!  Leave Our Streets, Police, and Cities alone!

And my Service to this Country did not include a spot in my heart for those doing the above Crap.  These individuals are the worst and they have stepped over the line of human decency.  Way beyond anything I served for…and they are lower than our best squeezed feces coming out of our buttholes.  Yes, they are. 

Out of 329 million Americans, all of you Idiots doing the above don’t represent a popcorn fart to 99.9% of us.  These Violence Spreaders and Participants in it are Trash that we need to sweep back under a rug.  They don’t represent you or me or us. 

Americans have amazing Rights to do amazing things. 

And being able to legally Protest is pretty Cool. 

But certain Buttholes have taken these Peaceful Protests into the dark waters of Anarchy. They are now messing with all of Our Freedoms and Our Liberty. And I do wonder where exactly this scum is coming from?  Who are these Individuals doing this?  Find THEM.  POST THEIR names so all of America knows who they are and WHERE THEY LIVE? 

They darn sure ain’t Black Lives Matter Protestors.   These Rioters are doing terrible deeds to Our Country!   

But each night, these worms keep coming out of their pity dens where mommy and daddy only asked them to take out the trash once a week.  Yes, who are these scum-buckets?  And then if one of these Fire Bomb Throwers are Hurt, they are Lifted-Up like grand Warriors and ones that deserve our pity.

F_ _K That!  I don’t pity any Law Breaker.  YOUR ACTIONS ARE SCARING THE HELL OUT OF OUR CHILDREN and NO, I am not happy with you at all.  Millions of Americans are ready to see all of the Violence Spreaders taken down and put away in PRISONS!  Their Actions are ONLY demoralizing the Lives of all All, ALL AMERICANS! 

Go back into your Scum Holes….GET!  GET BEFORE WE SWAT ALL OF YOU LIKE FLIES!  Prison is the best place for all of you doing these Horrible Things.  I Retired last year from working the Texas Prisons and it’s obvious that you Rioters and  Violent “Discontenters” have NO IDEA what Real Prison has in store for you.  It’s far worse than you ever imagined.  The pain you are causing Our Country today will be heaped back upon you a thousand times times a thousand times…