What all good boys and girls should READ

And away we go down another Rabbit Hole.  Why?  Here’s a non-peer Review of a Candidate Vaccine currently going thru Testing.  And the U.S. paid $2 Billion Dollars to get 1st 100 million Doses…but you need to READ this- 




And by the end of the above, the Vaccine Study is for three years!  Way into 2023.  And it’s being checked in What Age Group?  Sure, it’s obvious, but what happens to kids and At-Risk Adults?  And quite LITERALLY, whoever gets a COVID Vaccine will still be an actual living, breathing Guinea Pigs…before the final Results are known.  No, we won’t know for years what the Side Effects will be upon the Young and the most vulnerable.  Growth Issues or what?  Will they cause mental issues? Cause chromosome changes?  There are a ton of questions and right NOW, the questions being Asked are these-

1.  Any Adverse Affects?

2.  Any Severe Affects?

3.  How much possible COVID-19 fighting Cells are Created by 1st Injection.  By the 2nd Injection?

4.  How much in each Injection must be Given in 1st Shot?  In 2nd Shot?

At no place has it really gone into very extremely serious Blood Checking?  Lympocytes or White Blood Cell Count dropped in some, but recovered.  Fever lasting up to 8 days, joint pain, fatigue, and headaches appear to be in all Studies of all Vaccines thus far…and one Reported a few Serious Adverse Effects.  But I promise, everyone who plans to get a Vaccine needs to spend time reading about them.  I’m still worried all of us could take a Vaccine that causes Horrible, irreversible damages to Our Bodies, but won’t show-up for 10-15 years…