Vitamin D and COVID-19 Deaths. Is there a connection?

No, not the kind of connection that will hurt us by making us more vulnerable to COVID-19 Deaths, but maybe, possibly, benefit from taking Vitamin D?  And yes, I’ve been reading this for a while now.  But is it legit?

Experts say healthy blood levels of vitamin D may give people with COVID-19 a survival advantage by helping them avoid cytokine storm, when the immune system overreacts and attacks your body’s…

Below is a more better explanation as who is saying this Vitamin D stuff-

Studies: vitamin D helps immune system fight COVID-19

And you’ll have to decide if you want to start taking a Vitamin D Supplementation…?  I do, but it’s an Old People thing because of brittle bones.  And I got those unfortunately.  But again, you might want to and it’s all up to you.

WOW!  Mr. Brown, where can I get me some of what you use?

Or, if you Shop Amazon-