Portland Oregon is now on my NEVER VISIT List.

Dang, I’m having a Complete Not Understanding How in the World Portland is now so Hellbent in Declaring War against Federal Officers who are there to halt the Destruction to Federal Buildings. 

Damn, did i just Wake-Up and now living in Russia?

Protesting Turning into Burning Down Federal Buildings Events is very disturbing to continue to see each night.  And all of a sudden, when Federal Officers use Tear Gas, they’ve COMMITTED a crime?  Holy GODZILLA!  Really? 

Talk about BACKWARDS thinking…and every person I’ve ever been around from Oregon have always been the Rebel-Hellraisers here in Texas!  Always starting fires.  Always causing trouble.  And dang, is it from THEIR water THERE?

And how can you ASK any Police Force to deal with Protestors every Damn night?  Y’all got a 8p.m. Curfew that all y’all must think was meant for those staying at Home.  Well, hell, you like breaking the Law so much, then all y’all need to Sign-Up for the Military since y’all like throwing fire at stuff.  Wanna destroy buildings.

Isn’t it Time to require every single Protestor to Register as Professional Protestors.  To Register Online 48 Hours before every Protest that they plan to Attend so they can be found if Witnesses of Criminal Conduct must be found.  Why not?  If they aren’t planning Illegal Activity, then they shouldn’t mind in Registering.  Right?  







Federal Agents

See any Differences?  Same place, but suddenly Federal Agents being there IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE?  These are Reasons to throw Fire Upon Them? 


WTH?  Again, pinch me!  Am I in Russia?  This is what People there WANT? I simply cannot believe it.  Really?  


How a Protest is supposed to Look so all of us can SEE which of Our kids might be bringing COVID-19 back home by Not Wearing a Mask.  So many still believing COVID is a HOAX!  Well, you still got time to be a Nurse and put your Life on the Line too.


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