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You can’t live without it.  And maybe that’s why a BAT is going to be the Culprit that caused COVID-19. 

Why?  Ain’t it the truth that hanging upside down is going to cause Low Oxygen Levels?  Or Blood issues?  Dang, I’m not sure.  I’m pretty sure I couldn’t hang upside Down without a Major Issue taking place.  Lol

BUT, seriously-With a COVID-19 Infection, your blood may not supply your organs with enough oxygen to survive. This can cause your kidneys, lungs, and liver to shut down and stop working. Not everyone who has COVID-19 has these serious complications.

And they say not everyone needs medical care. But if your symptoms include trouble breathing, get help right away! 


And this Oxygen thing is why I bought a finger checker for checking a person’s Blood Oxygen Level. I RECOMMEND Checking yours, your kids, and your Spouse at least once a day.  Might seem stupid? But, You may be NON-Symptomatic and HAVE IT.  Don’t Let a STROKE be How you find out you HAVE COVID-19!


This one does Heart Beats as well. And it was reasonably cheap. I’ve had this one for about three months. 

So, if I start getting symptoms, I can check my Blood Oxygen Level.  And when you see it changing, you know something might be going on…might even be Call 911 Time if it does start changing and Especially if you are feeling odd.  Strokes are nothing to play with…GET HELP!

The paper also notes that COVID-19…cause severe inflammation throughout the body, increase the risk that fatty plaque built up in the blood vessels will rupture, leading to heart attacks and stroke.

COVID-19 and Heart Failure

Heart failure is a particular concern in patients with COVID-19. One study, the article authors note, found that almost a quarter of COVID-19 patients — 24% — were suffering acute heart failure…  

And these are very upsetting events.  You’re sitting there and suddenly, you or the person next to you passes out or begins shaking violently.  And then you find out it was a STROKE caused by this Virus.  And I’m sure, this is a horrible way to die.  Happy one minute and dead the next. Dead by a most unwelcome, most unwanted damn Virus.  And sure, all of us are more and more and more concerned.  But hopefully all of us will keep our Worry Levels at a reasonable Level and that we Don’t Freak DA F… Out!  Keep Cool.  Please keep COOL..Stay Calm and we can do only what we can humanly do…none of us are Super HUMAN…Have a Great Day! 👍

WOW!  Mr. Brown, where can I get me one?

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